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My cat destroys everything Anonymous 75590

Fucking EVERYTHING. We just moved into our first home a couple of months ago and he has been driving me insane ever since. The whole second floor is carpet and he uses the staircase as a scratching post, even though we bought him a massive new cat tree with lots of scratching space. I bought spray that's supposed to stop him but he still does it. I did misread the instructions and didn't spray it every day for the first week like I was supposed to. But even so, the area which he scratches is so large it would soon use up the entire bottle and I legit wouldn't have enough.

Our new bedframe came in and how he scratches that too. If we close a door because he wants attention and literally won't leave us alone when we're busy he pulls up the carpet at the door until we open it (he's made massive holes in the carpet of 2 previous residences because of this). There just isn't enough spray in the world for this fucking cat.

I got a new knit sweater yesterday and he just made a big hole in it with his claws. I'm so fucking sick of him.

I feel bad even feeling that, but man. He's really getting on my nerves. I spray, give him alternate scratching posts, cut his nails, yet he still acts this way. I've had him for almost 6 years and he hasn't been this bad before. I literally don't even like him anymore LOL anyways just wanted to rant.

Anonymous 75601


Your cat is probably feeling insecure in the new house. He wants to make the place feel more like home by scratching everything. Having extra scratchy places is a very good idea. Try putting double sided tape on places where you don't want him to scratch and placing a scratching post near the problem areas.

Some cats feel more comfortable when things smell like them. You could try placing some things that smell like your kitty (kitty beds, pillows, litter boxes etc) around the apartment. Feliway might also help your cat to chill out a bit.

What is a normal day for your cat? What is your daily routine like?

I know how it feels when you get completely frustrated at an animal but just remember that he ain't doing it just to be an asshole.

Anonymous 77024

Thanks for the input. Yeah I think he definitely needs more areas to scratch.

He just lazes around and sleeps a lot. Literally his entire day is moving from one nap spot to a new one, sometimes he comes to cuddle with me about 50% I push him away because I'm busy(he's very naggy and persistent).

I just needed to vent this day after he ruined my sweater and had been bugging me for a while with his scratching. But I think I can figure out ways around it.

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