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new here i guess Anonymous 75792

totally expect this to be lost, but that's okay. i saw this site mentioned on 4chan and idk im just happy i did. i need the same kind of stupid time dump without it being… 4chan. yknow.

Anonymous 75793

Welcome anon

Anonymous 75794

welcome to fujo central. please enjoy your stay

Anonymous 75806

This place is very nice and comfy it is just like 4chan without all the stuff that makes 4chan 4chan.

Thinking of inviting my older sister here btw but she is a total normie I just thought maybe she could ask for advice about men here instead of asking me idk

Anonymous 75813


welcome newfriend

Anonymous 75817

I want to get my sister on here too, but I don't know how she feels about trannies and we're already different politically, so I don't want to drive a wedge between us.

Anonymous 75830


invite them. they will never know ur posts unless they know your typing styles. plus u cant be accountable for other people's posts. do it do it do it.

Anonymous 75834

BASED astolfo poster

Anonymous 75836

I invited my brainwashed little sister to lolcow back when it allowed tranny and man hate threads. It pinkpilled her and now she views men suspiciously and sees trannies as autogynephiles (which they are) instead of ~brave and stunning~

Anonymous 75858

Do it! You’d be surprised how GC-lite most women are once they think about it. Even if she’s completely brainwashed , we could bring her back like >>75836 said I used be an ally myself until seeing how fucking terrible troons are from a combination of personal experience and this board

Anonymous 75861

This place is almost perfect for me but I feel like I don't belong because I don't hate moids and tranners. I wish those topics were just something that existed here and there wasn't an expectation that everyone here had those viewpoints.

Anonymous 75862

its ok anon i dont either. i just try to ignore those posts. maybe im just a faggot but i wish the board were positive sometimes

Anonymous 75863

i dont hate men either tbh, ive unironically met men with more innocent intentions than women. and i hate the negativity here too

Anonymous 75864

it is fun to hate… but in all seriousness, i think a lot of it is fear-driven. for troons, fear of them invading women's spaces with male mentalities as, regardless of "true" gender, they were born and raised as men.
And men, especially those populating imageboards, are often extremely sexist and crude. They hate women, and hijack every moment about women into something about them. we cant talk about womenly things without their retard, unwanted moidpinions. this hatred is an often necessary defense to keep them out, otherwise, they would infiltrate this place as obvious men. at least the moids here are practiced in speaking as women, so they aren't much of a bother.

Anonymous 75865

i do hate them but i sort of agree with you. i wish it was less prevalent considering i go here to get away from men not hear about them more

Anonymous 75866

Ah, I know how you feel. I don't really carry a burning hatred towards either so I sometimes I feel a disconnect between me and crystal.cafe. Just create/participate in threads you're interested in.

Anonymous 75868

I think a lot of it venting as posting these things anywhere results in immediate dog piling.

Anonymous 75899

there is /media/, /img/, /hb/, /x/ for that. just saying.

Anonymous 75916

I don't hate regular men, just trannies. However, >>75864 is right about gatekeeping men from a women's forum because, even though many guys are fine, it opens up for bad apples to come in and take over.

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