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Is the overlap between ADHD & Autism as big as social media makes it out to be Anonymous 75981

>asking for a friend

Anonymous 75983


"In a 2014 review of studies looking at the co-occurrence of ADHD and ASD, researchers found that between 30 to 50 percent of people with ASD also have symptoms of ADHD. Researchers don’t fully understand the cause for either condition, or why they occur together so frequently."

According to this random website, apparently so.

Anonymous 75986

if you've got adhd you're basically an autistic

Anonymous 75996

Bullshit. Then a lot of people are autistic? But they can socially interact just fine like everyone else? ADHDs are notably different they are just hyperactive and get more energetic while socially interacting so they tend to talk faster but not with notable social ineptitude.
The autists stay quiet and live on their heads.

Anonymous 76187

The overlap in conditions is very high, so if you have one chances are much higher than average that you also have the other.
ADHD is easier to self-identify since the symptoms are more specific.
Despite living in the various cesspits of the internet all through my teenage years I did not realize I was autistic because the criteria you read about makes it seem like autism is only for people with severe social retardation who have meltdowns and so on. Not true.
Most high-int autists learn enough self-control to not do these behaviors even when situations are very stressful to you. I didn't even realize my own sensory anxieties because I just spent my whole life suppressing my reactions to them and ignoring my anxiety.

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