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Rate me Anonymous 76021

Im just a dumb-ass cat that likes to make you angry. I like to push vases off tables and wake you up at 3am because I'm vomiting on grandma's carpet. Idk, looking cute in this image. Might delete later.

Anonymous 76029

Hes cute

Anonymous 76119

such pretty green eyes

Anonymous 76120

Anonymous 76125

beautiful floofy kitty anon 10/10

Anonymous 76130

visual - 10/10, fat puffy cheecks, round head, smug look - perfect
behaviour - 6/10, not very polite, needs more information tho

Anonymous 76135

holdup. HE!?

Anonymous 76162

Only human moids are banned.

Anonymous 76163

Exactly. Cats and catboys are welcome.

Anonymous 76372

>vomiting on grandma's carpet
i want to fix your diet for you anon, this isn't healthy kitty behavior

Anonymous 76391

almost all three colored cats are female

Anonymous 76397


OP’s a tabby, that rule’s for calicos.

Anonymous 76467


Chad male cats will act like an asshole and vomit on carpets while us spayed female cats will get yelled at for just jumping on counters

It’s over for catcels

Anonymous 76501

My cat was a Stacy who pissed on every piece of clothing that touched the floor. We had to watch out for her while packing suitcases because she was real quick to piss in those too.

Anonymous 76511

My cat did that, turned out he didn’t like the gravel in his box (paper). We got a different type and he stopped doing it. It was giving him infections too, poor boy.

Anonymous 76520

Our’s was just a tsundere bitch.

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