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ewhoring experiences? Anonymous 76027

im thinking of ewhoring until i begin college again to make some extra money to give to my boyfriend who has been supporting me (in exchange i clean, take care of the pets/ other adult things between us and i do help with my savings often but its getting low)

ive applied to some jobs but they didnt want to pay above minimum wage for heavy work loads, and i have had little luck finding many part time non cashier jobs…

anyway i feel really guilty for wanting to do this, but its temporary to give my boyfriend some savings money/help out and also for me to invest in something else for work. i dont mind working by itself, but i have awful anxiety and struggle to find a part time job that pays well and doesnt deal with customers all day. i guess ill be a bad person

Anonymous 76028

If you two are ok with it I guess: Go get that money.

Anonymous 76031

Have some dignity. I think you are expecting too much from a regular job when you don't have experience or a degree. Why is minimum wage not enough if he's already supporting you anyways?

Anonymous 76034

because its not worth it to slave around for 25 hours only to make less than $100 (id have to put money toward my commute as well) and ive made more than minimum wage at normal non-degree jobs…plus i wouldnt be using my own photos, just some onlyfans girl.

Anonymous 76048

>to make some extra money to give to my boyfriend
nice b8 m8
>i wouldnt be using my own photos, just some onlyfans girl.
literally how
do people share their list of previous jobs at first date? is this a thing?.. I…

Anonymous 76056

yeah no don't do this. it might not be worth "slaving around for 25 hours" but it’s even less worth selling away your dignity, your agency, your future job prospects and possibly your future relationships. don’t be retarded. if you really want to help your bf financially then get a minimum wage job like everyone or keep looking some morr.

Anonymous 76057

I did it for a while and I don't regret it but I also wouldn't do it again unless I were in really dire straits. I think it can be safe if done well but most people simply don't know how to protect themselves and promises of more money will always lower your guard even if you think that will never happen to you. Do your best to stay anonymous at all costs, but also be aware that this severely limits your potential income. The most successful camwhores are those who show their faces. You'll have to be extremely good at marketing and networking and it'll quickly turn into a full-time job that's just as stressful as real work but with much more downsides.

I made good money for a while by catering to a niche and I still quit. I also struggle with maintaining normie jobs due to illness and anxiety. I work from home now and can really recommend it. If you need money and you're not considering ewhoring because you genuinely love whoring and consider the money a bonus, I'd recommend sticking to normal jobs. Even working as an amazon customer service chat person will be less stressful and more stable.

Anonymous 76058

No man is worth this. Even of you use someone else’s photos (which won’t get you far as custom context is where the real money is), you still have to deal with replying to sick male message all day everyday so you can ebeg for tips. It’s a lot more stress than egirls make it out to be as no one would pay for a sad/stressed egirl.

Anonymous 76073

must be a troll, too ridiculous to be real

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