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obsessed with men Anonymous 76035

I don't like sex and I am too mental to be in a relationship but can't stop thinking about guys. Plus some of my husbandos are inorinical trash

I don't think I'll be able to get a bf to cure this do idk should I try going on a tinder date for once so maybe that will satisfy my issue?
Idk what to do

Anonymous 76039

I am aware but desperate

Anonymous 76043

You are overestimating my social skills.

i am autist therefore weird off putting/can't socialise and depressed therefore too boring since I am low functioning

So I don't think a relationship of any kind would work

Anonymous 76055

don’t mind the stupid bitch telling you to cure your autism above lmao. what do you want a bf for? do you crave a romantic relationship or would you be happy with making friends with men?

Anonymous 76066

Men are way better when they are objects in a fantasy. When you take them out into the real world, real men, they are just awful creatures. They should not both be called men, it is misleading. Real men are more like shells of women without the personality, humility, romance, or loyalty. We should call them empties instead.

Anonymous 76102

Tinder with only pit you up with even worst moids and you will want to go full lesbian lol.

don't do that to yourself unless you really get lucky and you get a guy that opens up right, beautiful personality and that does things at your rhythm

Anonymous 76104

>We should call them empties instead.
No because trannies would use it and it doesn't sounds so based. Moid or scrote is fine.
We should keep doing the women and men since that alone makes trannie moids rage. Although I liked when TERFs were using the hygienic female, hygienic male words as a mockery to the tranny use of "cis". Like saying indirectly trannies are unwashed disgusting goblins (they are).

Anonymous 76108

I'm a newfag, so please tell me what this means.

Anonymous 76109

Has nothing to do with you being a newfriend, OP just can’t spell lol. I’m guessing she meant “unoriginal” or “unironical” (which isn’t a word either but yeah).

Anonymous 76112

I guess I'm romantically interested

I would love that but it's unattainable so the reason why I'm thinking of tinder is maybe a shitty date would be enough and atleast put me off men

Anonymous 76146

Thinking about find a mate is totally normal for a specy that reproduces sexually. Since you obviously have a hard time finding a suitable mate, it's perfectly normal that you obsess about it; finding a partner IS important for a human being. You don't seem to be homo or bisexual, so you will need to find a male partner in the end.

I used to be very much like you, and i'm still single, but now i'm way less obsessed about it. Here are the things that helped me :
- Daydream about love and fantasizing about romantic situations with an imaginary man. It's very comfy, soothing, and it's harmless, compared to a failed relationship.
It's important that you don't don't project yourself too much on an existing man, it can make you become obsessed and infatuated very fast, which would obviously make the guy flee, or make you extremely disappointed, which will make you hate men even more.
In the end fantasizing it doesn't solve anything, so you will need to get out of your comfort zone eventually.
- Interact with reasonably normal males, out of a dating context. That means for example that you join discords that aren't filled with incel autists, and try to get to know people, or form friendships. You probably won't find a bf, but non desperate males won't act as thristy and toxic towards you, so you'll feel more confortable acting with men
-work on your sexual issues. I have vaginismus, for several reasons (physiological and abuse induced), and I wasn't able to have sex until 23. I used to be very ashamed about it, because sex is pretty much expected in a relationship. Now i can talk about it to people i trust a bit, and I eventually was able to enjoy sex (even if it didn't last lol)! I have no idea where your sexual issues come from, but if you want to have a bf in the future, you will have to come at peace with them, and understand where they come from.
-Find emotional support with other females that can relate, and help. Wallowing in misery is bad. Talk to female friends that can offer advice.
-You think that you are too autistic for normie men. I'll be honest, it's probably actually the case, but you will need to find a good compromise between a normie and an autist. There are guys out there that are weird, which makes them unattractive to most women, while not being r9k-tier dumpster fires. Finding one like this is hard and long, so you will need some self-reliance to succeed.

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