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What is a good degree for a low functioning austic neet? Anonymous 76042

I really need to escape neetdom. I am not good at much other than drawing for hours or learning languages for hours. I tried aiming for a biology degree but had a mental breakdown cause it just wasn't for me

I was thinking of graphic design tho i am not sure.I just want to be independent and at peace but everything (especially stuff that are not my special interess) is hard to me

Also can't become a language teacher cause my mother tongue is irrelevant and i would not be hired abroad

Anonymous 76091

trade degree unironically. less expensive to complete, don't have to take bullshit courses, only learn what you need to know, and you can get work almost anywhere as long as you don't choose something too niche.

Anonymous 76093

Become a translator or interpreter. Not having an important language can be a good thing as there will be less competition.

Anonymous 76098

English. Give english classes online. Get an english degree.

That degree is also valuable to move to Japan or Korea if you fancy their racoon moids they got over there.

Anonymous 76100

I’ll tell you this, if you can express yourself through writing or speech, you are not a low functioning autist. You’re either mid to high functioning if you can post to an image board.
That said, if only drawing/translating can hold your interest, look into a career for those.

Anonymous 76105

This, OP you are either high functioning (ex. Greta Thunberg) or mid functioning (ex. Chris Chan). Low functioning autists are the ones that flail their hands around, make random noises, and are nonverbal (retards).

I’m high functioning and I am pursuing a court reporting program. I haven’t given up yet but we’ll see. I don’t have high expectations for myself.

Anonymous 76111

I would prefer uni since it's free where I live and cause trade isn't as much recognized but will still look at it

My language is pretty egh but will look it up


I want that but will they even consider me if I'm not a native English speaker? I heard they don't


My bad when using that term I usually mean low functioning due to depression but I did a shit Job writing the op

Good luck anon

Anonymous 76951

Whatever you enjoy will be easiest.

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