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I am crying...this is beautiful 76059

I am crying…this is the best manga I've ever read. Posting in a series of posts.

I am crying...this is beautiful 76060



I am crying...this is beautiful 76061



I am crying...this is beautiful 76063



I am crying...this is beautiful 76064

if only real life were this easy to lose your virginity to a bishounen anime fantasy boyfriend ;-;

Anonymous 76065


>tfw no qt demon bf

Anonymous 76070

Can you explain whats happening bc i am confused shduisbsueks

Anonymous 76075

So from what I can gather from reading this manga, the author made these pages as sort of a short joke chapter for a friend they have in real life, who apparently wishes they had a bishounen anime boyfriend.

Anonymous 76076

Cute, but it will be moved to /media/.

Anonymous 76086

He looks more elf than demon thats why he is good looking.

Anonymous 76090


point d ear haha XD

Anonymous 76099

I'm getting the "monster boys" doujin only kink again. God damn. He got a nice butt.

Anonymous 76101

This translation might as well be canon with how this mangaka usually writes.

Anonymous 76172

What manga is this from?

Anonymous 76173

I can't explain why I sometimes can enjoy the trashiest shoujo like that - the dumber the better
Maybe it's because people love patterns and there's that

Anonymous 76841

Old anime looks good but old manga on the other hand just looks trashy. Maybe it's a budget thing: anyone can draw manga.

Anonymous 76842

Old cell animation looks great, but the early digital stuff is kinda bad.

Anonymous 76843

Digital stuff is still bad. Every show looks low budget now.

Anonymous 76857

Heartless by Nishin Masumi.

Anonymous 76868

There are plenty of incredibly shitty cel anime too. It's just the high budget ones are typically the ones remembered. The average anime has shit budget no matter the era.

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