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Anonymous 76250

Are you really a lesbian or you're just afraid of dating men?

Anonymous 76252


Men are afraid of dating me.

Anonymous 76302

Reverse, but now I am cute and feel I deserve to date women.

Anonymous 76306


Anonymous 76375

What's the cuteness standard to dating women? I'm always a lot more self-conscious around them.

Anonymous 76377

Honestly it's not high, it's just my personal baggage. If anything women have more diverse/slack standards than men do for women.

Even when I was fat and awkward a couple of really cool women liked me, I just felt undeserving. Men never showed me attention back then.
But now that I'm healthy (body and mind) and fashionable, men have shown interest which made me realize I never actually liked them that much.

I think loving and caring for yourself makes everything more clear. Just try to be healthy and work on your happiness, anon. And be easy on yourself.

Anonymous 76390

ok but why,?

Anonymous 76500

You were always cute also most lesbians aren't shit pornbrained like men they have a female body they know what women are supposed to look like and love you accordingly, based rugmunchers vs coomer pedos turned off by a little hair

Anonymous 76507

Are you really straight or are you just afraid of homophobia? Idk man. To me, women are just objectively smarter and hotter and more interesting. Could never trade down like that.

Anonymous 76521

>You were always cute
Ilu anon. This made me oddly emotional.

Anonymous Moderator 76554

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