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Anonymous 76516

how do you guys make a living? or even a small income? trying to think of alternatives to succumbing to some crappy, low paying job. i dont need much money, just something.

Anonymous 76522

I went to school and got a job in tech. It pays well.

If you want to start small in the comfort of your own home you could always do Amazon MechanicalTurk or something. Don't need any qualifications for that.

Anonymous 76523

theres an open interview for a candy factory tomorrow, its fulltime and seems pretty soul crushing but im thinking if i get it and work there for 3-4 months i can make it out alive and save up a lot (the pay is really good).

i do plan to continue college in the fall but id like to feel financially stable while focusing on classes as well as have the money to work on my hobbies.

my issue is, none of the things i truly wish to do in life would really yield a lot of money unfortunately. which isnt particularly what im after, but i need more time to work on my skills (sewing and drawing) my biggest dream is to own an online shop, but for now im thinking of a degree in communications or forensics. but again to even continue with either of these goals i want a nice sum of money…

sorry i said so much. anyway, thank you anon. i hope i can find something fulltime that keeps me happy one day!

Anonymous 76525


Be careful with making a ton of money at once and then quitting. I've seen a lot of friends do that and they usually end up blowing all their money as soon as they have it. One of my friends worked on an oilrig for like 6 months and then within a year he was broke again.

Unless you have a consistent source of income keep a very tight budget. Hell even with a steady job it's good to have your finances under control. I like to do things by hand so I have a little notebook where I keep my monthly spending plan but I think there's programs for it or you can just use excel. But I'd definitely recommend actually writing down your expenses and setting money aside for leisure. Having it in writing helps a lot.

Anonymous 76551

Drawing can net you plenty of money if you're willing to take commissions. You'll just be drawing one subject repeatedly is all.

Anonymous 76552

Yeah but you'll be drawing Thomas the Tank Engine having gay furry sex with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Anonymous 76553

For pocket money maybe. If you want four or five figure sums you need to go deeper and sell your soul.

Anonymous 76556

And? Do you want to make money with drawing, or do you want to do drawing as a hobby because it makes you feel good? Ideally, these would not be at odds, but it's up to you to define what "making money doing what I like" actually means. Do you want to make money drawing, or, do you want to make money drawing things you like? Those are not the same thing.

Anonymous 76568

Leech from my housemate's crypto and market tips. It doesn't make much, because I'm too nervous to go all in, but it meant I could invest the startup cost to begin restoring furniture which actually makes a significant amount.

I enjoy it, and as a side benefit is I get to keep any really beautiful pieces which won't sell for much. Sadly, there's basically no profit in reupholstering with the time involved and fabric prices the way they are.

You can start with going to weekend swapmeets and garage sales around 5am, trying to get some quality chairs, desks ect. that usually are worn ragged by the elderly and then sold off for $5-$40. Clean them up, do a little work restoring the wood, give it a nice finish, then sell it online for about 3x what you paid - pickup only. Buy some old rusted hand tools from those same garage sales, fix them up and after a couple of months you can start buying powertools, beginning with an orbital sander to cut your time sanding by 90%.

Anonymous 76579

this is really good advise anon! im thinking of doing the fulltime gig now but after a few months id like to invest in selling things ive sewn/flipping/selling entomology displays. f

Anonymous 76595

Yeah, this is great! At least, in my area, the refurbished furniture scene's getting pretty big. I hope the same goes for anyone else looking to go into it.

Anonymous 76600

Same story. It's a meme by now but I recommend something related to coding (doesn't have to BE coding) when asked how to get financially stable in as little time/financial debt as possible.

Anonymous 76616

How long does it take to go from knowing nothing about coding to having a decent job?

Anonymous 76664

For me it was around 3 years of extremely lazy studying from free online resources, with major breaks inbetween.

Front end languages imo is quickest to learn if you don't know coding at all, you could learn HTML/CSS + Javascript part-time in about a year (if you're driven, from what some friends have shown me- shorter if full-time) which is enough to snag front end work.

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