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Anonymous 76684

>live in rural NH
>no idea how to meet people
It gets old, and thats before COVID shit. The only time I feel confident enough to carry a conversation is after a few drinks at the bar, and as fun as it is to chat with randos I do not want to give any of these people my number for longer term friendships.
Im so sick of screens.

Anonymous 76690

Join a discord. You can still talk to people without giving a number

Anonymous 76692

I tried this on /soc/ twice, and it was all trannies. I thought the meme was a joke, but chan discords are all trannies.
Im in a discord my sister's husband operates, and the folks there are friendly, but theyre a state away and outside of random chats during the work day its quiet. Plus I feel like a guest in my sister's house there.

Anonymous 76693

Look for smaller chan discords. Stay away from soc and r9k discords altogether

Anonymous 76725

Don't join chan discords, they're full of shitty moids. I recommend going to smaller private forums to find good discords because they typically have less evil people.

Anonymous 76748

OP people are right that discords are shit but you can join a discord and hang around there will likely be one cool person there who would be able to invite you to their good discord server and go from there.

Have yo tried getting a hobby and meeting people offline?

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