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Survival Scenario Anonymous 76686

I have an idea. Let's pretend you're someone else. I'm going to give you a scenario, and you're going to try and figure out how you would survive in this new life given to you. You 'win' if you figure out how to succeed. Success will be defined by whether or not you are mentally and monetarily stable. You will need a place to call home, and at least two people who care about you. It's just a dumb little game to pass the time since I can't sleep.

Okay. Your name is Jane Doe and it is the year 1999. You have moved to the big city: Seattle. Your parents have disowned you as you've moved against their wishes. You are 19 years old and have one thousand dollars in cash, along with a 1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet. Occasionally your car's battery dies. You do not have anywhere to sleep besides that car, but you can always sell it for extra cash. You are uneducated and you're not sure what sort of talents you have, if any. You're a 6/10 in looks, and of average intelligence. You don't know what you want to do with your life, but you know you want to Live.

So, how do you survive anon? What do you do to succeed?

Anonymous 76688

Well since I now have the advantage of hidndsight I'd probably play the market by investing in the dot com bubble.

But you probably want a proper answer so I guess I'd try to get a job as a waitress or something to keep myself above water while also staying on the look out for better jobs.
I might also try to get a proper husband material boyfriend by maybe being a little more flirty towards the more handsome customers.
I've never been in such a situation so idk if this even sounds like it would work but I'd probably do something along those lines.

Anonymous 76689

Real me buys a battery since its important to my car, but this me is uneducated and perhaps doesnt realize I can fix that so cheaply.
I look for work, at a bar. Hopefully as a bar tender or barback.
Theres enough bars where I can fail and move on without my name spreading, and I become good at my job. I befriend my coworkers. I either make enough working the bar to cover rent or move in with my coworkers. Perhaps I find a man at the bar who isnt a desperate drunkard. At this point as I make the long journey of setting my roots I learn what I enjoy and decide if I wish to peruse an affordable education or continue the service life with my service friends. A few years later I am in Boston looking at colleges. Theres several I like. I board my flight home to Seattle. Theres strange men who attack the flight attendants and force their way into the cabin. We're flying fast and low now. Something doesnt feel right.

Anonymous 76691


Ah well I did expect someone to say they'd take advantage of some time travel shenanigans but thanks for playing along seriously.

You get points for finding a job and a husband, but do you think you'd be content with your life?

Alright, so you've really thought this through. I give you full points for making friends, getting a job, moving into an apartment, finding a man, and saving your money to further your education. Unfortunately it sounds like you died horribly. Damn, tough break lol

Anonymous 76701

Yay, Seattle! Did you know they have the lowest UV index in the continental US? I'm going to assume I at least completed high school. First I will look for a job. Check the newspaper, see what's available. I like positions that will train me to learn new skills. I will head to the library, make flyers offering tutoring since I have basic intelligence and ask to post them at local establishments. If they ask, I'm a college student. ;) Good luck fact checking that in 1999. Then I would apply to a local community college, which is likely to accept me and quickly despite my average capabilities. I can look for scholarships available too, and get a student loan. I guess I'll also need a place to live, so I'd look around. Try to get a roommate (women only) to lower my expenses. I'm also going to get a bus card since my car can be unreliable. As for two people who care about me… I care for myself, and pretty soon I will have a boss. Haha. Fun game.

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