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what's the dumbest thing a s/o has gotten jealous about? Anonymous 76739

>ill go first
bf got mad I was streaming & looking at /cm/ and called this random character I knew nothing about hot

Anonymous 76745


An ex got upset that I was a higher level in Overwatch than them, which literally only meant that I had more play time, but I was also a smarter and more knowledgeable player and they didn't like that either.

Anonymous 76746

>than them

Anonymous 76747


>looking at /cm/

Anonymous 76751

both of those are red flags miles wide
literal psycho shit

Anonymous 76752


I’m usually the dumb s/o getting jealous but
>he’s meeting my family for the first time
>he’s across the room with my grandparents, I’m talking to mom
>my mom mentions male childhood friend’s name to me
>s/o’s head swivels like a fucking owl and says “who”
Personally all of my jealousy stories are funny and cute. The jealousy angle for this one was actually told to me by my mom and Grandmom after he went home so I didn’t even notice at the time (I just thought he was being wacky and uncharacteristic). Maybe it’s because I’m too autistic to recognize jealousy in others idk. Feel bad for all the other anons with an actual jealous s/o.

Anonymous 76756

My ex was only ever envious of guys but never jealous, if he ever sensed that I'd leave him he simply saw it as incompatibility as partners and therefore no loss on his end. I was the only one who got jealous, dumb shit though cause I didn't feel the security he did that I wouldn't leave him.
Just my anxiety acting up but I've not wanted to talk to him before after a dream where he cheated on me, or other times when I've seen girls check him out even though he's oblivious.

Anonymous 76779

My bf got jealous of a male co-workers offering me food. He said it made him a cuck unironically, he later recanted that.

Anonymous 76783

Thats so stupid. Tell that moid that people helping each other doesn't mean "they want to fuck". Most moids have this mentality sadly, its the "nice guy" mentality and it's because when they do good deeds they themselves do them with the intentions to get closer to fucking. It's so retarded.

Anonymous 76785

They came out as a tranny (FtM) while we were dating and I was young.

Anonymous 76792

yikes. how did you react?

Anonymous 76793

I didn't really, to be honest. I'm bi, but obviously they still had all the same equipment. This was at least 5 years ago and we were both pretty big fujos and active tumblr users as tranny stuff started gaining traction and taking over. I hadn't peaked or gained my senses about me and I didn't have many experiences yet, so I really just didn't care whatsoever. Sorry for derailing.

Anonymous 76797

true mood action

Anonymous 76800


For what exactly? Chill out lol.

Anonymous 77665

My ex got mad at me for having cybersex on second life. I was having low effort meme kisses u hard style cybersex to get some nice skins and hair and he got mad at me and sent me an entire paragraph and didn't speak to me for like 2 days.

Anonymous 78347

To be honest I think that's kind of a reasonable thing to get jealous about, yeah nowhere near the level he went but I would still feel slightly disrespected and weirded out.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79660

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