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shopping and fast fashion Anonymous 76801

I want clothes, but I can't spend a lot on them. Have any of y'all bought from AliExpress? I'm being careful to read reviews and pay attention to sellers' histories. Is it worth? Do you have a noteworthy (or not) experience with the site? Where else can I look (beyond goodwill)?

Anonymous 76802

Depop has been wonderful for me. Ebay and Poshmark are also worth checking out.
I buy most of my clothes secondhand these days.

Anonymous 76804

Check out Shein.

Anonymous 76813

AliExpress can be alright but it takes months to arrive.

Anonymous 76823

Don’t buy from Shien. I bought a lace dress listed as 100% cotton. When it came it was polyester. Had to pay the return to China (and they made me mark the value lower or wouldn’t refund me). Adding up the two postage costs, I got a fraction of my money back.

Anonymous 76847

Seconding Ebay, it saves me so much money on clothes

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 76864

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