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How has motherhood changed you as a person? Anonymous 76806

Lately for some reason I've been fascinated with the idea of how people change when they become a parent and the things they learn, experience etc when caring for a child. So how has becoming a mother been for you anons?

Anonymous 83377

>not one reply for two months
checks out

Anonymous 83439

if a mother uses imageboards I'll be very worried

Anonymous 83475


Becoming a mother changes you more than you would think and at the same time less than you would think. It's weird. The love and empathy and sacrifice I would make for my son is nothing compared to anything I have ever felt before. It's like I discovered entirely new seas of emotions. As for not changing me as much as I expected, I didn't immediately become a normie who loves soccer games and wine. People have very high expectations for mothers and expect them to fit into a very neat little box of what moms are like on tv, but really, so long as your child is happy, feels safe around you, is fed, and given opportunities to grow, you're doing fine.

Anonymous 83476

I worry about yall more than yall should worry about me honestly

Anonymous 83524



Anonymous 83558

Just go out and take one, if anyone asks it's yours

Anonymous 83614

bad idea

Anonymous 84654

I'm more worried about the kid.

Anonymous 84658

nice try /fit/ moid, now im looking for him on /fa/ just because of that.

Anonymous 84689


Anonymous 84693

Isn't the middle one supposed to be /cgl/?

Anonymous 84694

based. stay mad /fit/fags

Anonymous 84697

What kinds of things do guys who browse /fa/ even wear?

Anonymous 84701

whew that's a throwback

Anonymous 84702

Anonymous 84705

they used to wear the things in the pic 15 years ago when they were all obsessed with knochensack. no idea what they wear now, probably yeezy or something dumb like that

Anonymous 84707

>tfw no /fa/ bf to coord with
it hurts

Anonymous 84709

Seems strange anons talk about /fit/ so much on here. Sounds like a lot of anons might be from there.

Anonymous 84712

I think it's funny when /fit/fags say that working out is the solution to all of life's problems. Poor? Work out. Got cancer? Work out.

Anonymous 84713

uk onlyfans autism…

Because their autism is funny

Anonymous 84723

Y’all actually want to date this guys? Cringe

Anonymous 84820

I have a friend who goes on /fa/ and he's very well dressed. I have the feeling it's less about one specific style and more about wearing well-fitted clothes + accessories that make a coherent outfit.

He wears a lot of button-ups and a lot of those minimalist hawaiian shirts. He's got a surprising amount of colourful (i.e. not black or normal blue jeans) pants as well. And his shoes and glasses always seem to fit the outfit he is wearing. I'm bad at explaining it but it's a very nice look. I wish I was as good at fashion as he is.

You know an anon is not ok when they post an excel chart

Anonymous 85044

You don't know anything about me or my family, please shove your fake concern up your ass.

Anonymous 85045

I dated a guy who used /fa/ and /mu/, absolute control freak who didn't enjoy anything other than the things it was dictated ok for him to enjoy by other likeminded hipsters. Everything was a constant competition for him to show how obscure the things he liked were and dressed like a gothic ninja that shat his pants.

Anonymous 85054

>Everything was a constant competition for him to show how obscure the things he liked were
that's everyone on 4chodes for you. they try to be as anti-normie as possible and anti-conformist. but by becoming anti-conformist, they conform to the obscure obsessed.

Anonymous 85072

Very true, idk what they're into now but back in 2015 when I had a lot of 4chan using moids as friends it was shoegaze and harsh noise and they all genuinely all failed to see the irony in imitating a whole group of people while seeking individuality.

Anonymous 85082

did anon strike a nerve or why are you defending their honor on a basket-weaving forum? relax tiger mommy

Anonymous 85086

>see thumbnail of a /fit/ compilation screencap with visible spreadsheet
>"oh I've seen that one"
>upon closer inspection I haven't, for it's yet ANOTHER, equally autistic, /fit/ spreadsheet post
These never get old.

Anonymous 85102

I was responding to an anon who was responding to me, and yeah it struck a nerve with me because it was a rude comment, pretty mf simple

Anonymous 85104

she has a point though. not sure how you handle imageboards if you get that upset tbh

Anonymous 85106

I handle them by getting mad for like 10 seconds, responding, and scrolling for a couple more hours, and then forgetting about the thread while not using the imageboard for weeks at a time because I'm busy.

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