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People/characters you've been told you look like Anonymous 76808

Not my finest moment

Anonymous 76809


My mom tells me I look like Tatum O’Neal. I kind of see it. I’ve never watched anything with her in it.

Anonymous 76828


except with smaller mouth/lip area.

Anonymous 76831


Don’t really watch movies and stuff so I don’t know much about her, but some people have mentioned we look alike

Anonymous 76832


but uglier ofc. i used to wear purple lipstick a lot too

Anonymous 76835


I was unironically offended. She looks like a fucking alien.. which means I look even worse

Anonymous 76837

FKA twigs is pretty hot, she dresses like an alien because it's cool

Anonymous 76839


People in high school told me I looked like Kierstan Dunst (pic) and Reese Witherspoon. Personally thought they were full of shit and only said this because I’m blonde but I couldn’t help feeling flattered anyway

Anonymous 76844


people never say i look like any celebrity but the one time someone did they said i look like her. spose i could do worse

Anonymous 76845


i kinda see it

Anonymous 76848


I don't have any freckles though. just a lot of moles

Anonymous 76849


I have light brown eyes

Anonymous 76852


I am a lot uglier, but I get the Kate Bush comparison a lot

Lucky Stacy genetics

Anonymous 76854


Anonymous 76869

I hope you unleashed your bees on whoever said it

Anonymous 76870

Cage is a Beautiful immortal angel and a national treasure. You should be proud.

Anonymous 76877


Bf wihout thinking called me a "greasy goblin" one exhausting, hot summer afternoon and now won't stop sending me lewd goblin imagery.

Anonymous 76971


I started at a job right around when this movie came out and everyone couldn’t stop calling me Merida because of my hair texture.

Anonymous 77007

So basically Maisie Williams?

Anonymous 77057

it’s funny you said that because i always thought i looked more like her but no one else agrees. i have lorde’s hair though.

Anonymous 77087

That's true love right there

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79654

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