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Stop doing this to yourself Anonymous 76820

Stop doing this to yourselves.
Sleep tight or buy nyquil sleep pills.

Anonymous 76822


Anonymous 76824

Sleep pills put you to sleep but it is not restful sleep. Ive never woken up from having taken nyquil and felt better than just not taking them. Its the worst brain haze.

Get a weighted blanket perhaps.

Anonymous 76829


i will go to bed early tonight… or at least i will try…

Anonymous 76858


i was doing this as i opened the thread :x

Anonymous 76859


yeah no thanks, sleeping pills will literally fuck you up so bad that nothing will fix you.
There are other methods of getting sleep please don't all for the sleeping pill meme.

Anonymous 77144

lain 19.gif

I read that you're not supposed to do anything difficult or engaging an hour or few before bed, but I like to study Japanese vocab using Anki flashcards. I turn on a dimmer app and a blue light filter, and do cards until I fall asleep. I can always fall asleep in ten minutes now, no problem. It's like counting sheep, but I also learn a little. Full Japanese sentences are too intense for bedtime, especially when I start shutting down, it's too different. But I sometimes do French sentences.

Usually I stop when it's too hard to hold my eyes open for a few seconds and let sleep take me, but sometimes I keep on going. It's kind of funny when I hold the phone too close and it smacks me in the face when I fall unconscious unsconsciously and let go of it.

OP, you've inspired me to try something new. I might make a deck of images, and study them, and see if I dream of them.

Anonymous 78679

i do the same but with non-fiction books

Anonymous 78684

I've never met a bio female who has gifs of Lain saved.

Anonymous 78685

I have. Unfortunately

Anonymous 78799

wait is there something bad about this show? i only watched the first episode and dropped it soon after.

Anonymous 78801

no it just has weird fans

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