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Is there a such thing as a love club? Anonymous 76922

Instead of a strip club. Talking to a bunch of young soft bois who pretend you're just the greatest thing ever for a fee would be nice. Also if they maybe massaged your feet and kissed your hands.

Anonymous 76925

Host club

Anonymous 76930


like anon above said, that's what a host club is. they have a lot of those in japan, and even have different themes. there are also butler cafes as well. i wish therr was something like this in my country..

Anonymous 76932

Do these exist in America? Because it seems lovely

Anonymous 76934

if not we should make some lolz

Anonymous 76943

No but I guess you could make such a business with money, hiring e-boys, training them and all that jazz. Post covid of course.

Moids should be property anyway.

Anonymous 76944

Hm I might enjoy running such a business, but I have no idea how I'd even go about it.

Anonymous 76945

Rob Lowe, get the hell out of CC!

Anonymous 76946

what's wrong with Rob Lowe?

Anonymous 76950

I was pretending Rob Lowe was OP and that he had posted his pretty face on CC to show off.

Anonymous 76952

The Japanese train their moids in such businesses first and foremost how to be RESPECTFUL to a woman. Watch a video in YouTube about how they do it.

Then they teach them the gigolo prosti-moid stuff. How to kiss, foreplay, etc, etc if the client wants to go further. They get trained well because if the moid messes up the client ain't returning ever. It's all about giving a god-tier service.

Anonymous 76965

Would you go to a host club if there were any in your cities? I'm kind of interested but it also seems kind of silly.

Anonymous 76969

Out of curiosity, yes. More than once, no.

Anonymous 76975

Yes, if all the boys there looked like Rob Lowe

Anonymous 76978


Yes hypothetically. In reality I would probably be too shy to go and just keep playing otome games which are a safe fantasy where men cannot ridicule me for my ugliness and lack of social skills.

Anonymous 76988


Nothing you wrote applies to me and it sounds like you’re projecting. Do you even know what site you’re on?

Anonymous 76989

ignore the asshole anon.

The boys at a host club wouldn't make fun of you dude. Their whole job is making you feel good.

Anonymous 77000

I want a hostess club in the West but with female hosts who accept female guests. I don't care for moids that much.

Anonymous 77001


They probably wouldn’t insult you to your face, no. But if you became a regular and did have the aforementioned traits it would be strange if you weren’t the butt of the joke after hours. When you expose your presence to other people you cease to be the passing background character and become that pathetic woman who shows up to clubs to talk to men who would never entertain conversation with her unpaid. Which I suppose is less of a problem should it only be once, though still humiliating.

Anonymous 77008

anon… I don't want to be mean, so please don't take what I'm about to say that way, but: nobody cares enough about some random girl to continuously talk about her after she leaves their presence.

I have met very weird men and women in my life, and I've forgotten the majority of them. The weirdos I do remember, I rarely ever talk about. When I worked a job and we had regulars, we would tell a joke every now and then but it was never just us endlessly talking about them. Stop worrying about what other people think, it's a waste of your time.

Anonymous 77009

I think if you are weird or creepy they will give you a nickname and maybe joke a bit behind your back. If you are normal, they will probably be happy to see you as they will know what you like and can relax a bit around you. Hosts want lots of regulars.

Anonymous 77012

I feel like I'd end up blowing all my money on visiting at least once a week.

Anonymous 77036

Yes, definitely. Sounds fun.

Anonymous 77041

Anon is right. This is called the spotlight effect, people tend to think that everything revolves around them and everybody always pay attention to what they do, when in reality most people are busy with their own lives and don't give a shit about whatever you think was such an embarrassing thing. So don't worry too much about others and do what you want, as long as you're not bothering anyone, you'll be fine :)

Anonymous 77339

males gossip about their latest conquest all the time, why wouldnt they shit on a weird girl just to make "da boyz" laugh?
just saying men are petty and very sensitive to social hierarchies. id go to a host club but wouldnt be a regular either.

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