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Anonymous 76924

Anyone else here who just doesnt value art in any shape or form? It hurts cause im extremely creative.

Anonymous 76928


how can you not value art? architecture? graphic design? everything involves art, its impossible not to appreciate it to some degree. go ba humbug, scrooge-kun.

Anonymous 76955

says the person with the anime picture. animation is a form of art, anon.

Anonymous 76956

You don't even listen to any music? This statement is so vague this feels like bait rather than an actual opinion.

Anonymous 76974

Value in what way? You want no art in your life? Or you're against paying money for it?
If it's the former, why are you on an imageboard? Most threads here will have people posting drawings and shit at some point. You will quickly become uncomfortable.
If it's the latter, assuming "creative" means you make art yourself, I almost understand. Though I have empathy and compassion so I do believe other artists should be paid to work if they want, I don't often buy illustrations/commissions/prints because I can just make it myself. I also despise the idea of being paid to draw, too. No one could pay me enough to make art for a living. Fuck off I draw what I want sort of deal.

If you're a person who gains nothing from viewing aesthetically pleasing things…that's interesting. Please share more about that experience.

Anonymous 76976

>heh, you could say i’m something of a nihilist
flips hair extensions

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