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Anonymous 77045

share your ideas about maternal instincts

Anonymous 77048


they perpetuate the human nightmare i wish i didn't have them i want a baby but bringing a sentient being into the world is evil i would love it but no matter how much you care for something you can't save it from the world everything that lives will suffer and to die is the eventuality no life can be saved only prolonged and that is why the worst sin in the world worse than all else is to create life because by creating it you create all that follows there are still people who will deride dr f.stein for creating the monster but would not apply the same to people though he realized his wrong for he did not create a second and the real curse of people is that we do not share regrets so children through folly and apathy and the pursuit of pleasure are created over and over again in a cycle that never stops there are those misanthropes who think we are killing the planet but the planet like us was killed at the moment of its creation and all we can do is accelerate it and pray that intelligent life does not respawn in the galaxies upon galaxies beyond ours and in the depths of black holes from which no answer will ever be pulled

Anonymous 77061

Anonymous 77062

anon is just a nihilist

Anonymous 77063

not a nihilist, an antinatalist. they are mutually exclusive

Anonymous 77446

please use commas next time you post

Anonymous 77468

underage b&

Anonymous 77489

Interesting thread idea, responses are a mess so far though. I think they are 'real' in the sense that most people feel empathy for things that are smaller/cute, be it dogs or humans. However, just because a desire is naturally present in most people doesn't make it virtuous.

Fellow antinatalist here actually. How do you reconcile you wanting to be a mom with your philosophical beliefs?

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