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Anonymous 77113

>tfw baby fever

Anonymous 77117

Same tbh.

Anonymous 77120


>tfw bf wants to give you lots of babies and you're getting your bc out in a month

Anonymous 77133

>hanging around my friend's big family during quarantine
>doing nothing but holding babies and playing with toddlers
>tfw they leave and I realise how alone I am and how much love I have to give

Anonymous 77200

I wish I found babies cute but no matter how many times I see one I find them horrifingly ugly.

Anonymous 77201

Question for femcels who want children: have you considered going to a sperm bank and becoming a single mother, or adopting? Are you still holding out hope that you will ascend and obtain a family the normal way?

Anonymous 77202

I’ve thought about it however I feel that it wouldn’t be the right thing to do as my child wouldn’t have a proper father figure in its life. Plus I wouldn’t want to raise a child all by myself I’d probably have a break down from the stress.

Anonymous 77206

Yes I have it really bad.

Anonymous 77208

A father figure isn't as important as a support system, if you've got loving friends/family who are decent people your baby will be more than fine

Anonymous 77209

There are women are not lucky enough to have their family willing to support them having a child, especially as a single mother.

Anonymous 77210


>tfw the only babies I think are cute are ones that look like me

Unfortunately, I want a husband to have children with and I also don’t want to be in poverty.

Anonymous 77211

Both are important but a father figure is more important. Children from broken homes always turn out worse than children from homes where the mother & father are still together. It’s hard to believe that you would place more value to a support group over a loving father/husband.

Anonymous 77213

Having multiple people you can rely on is better than one imo

Anonymous 77214

At that point it’s quantity over quality. But you do you girl.

Anonymous 77222

you’re on a board derivative of 4chan and you want to raise a child?

Anonymous 77249

yes nonnie this board is mostly women and surprise women want to have babies.

birthing a child is literally the apex of human creative potential. of course we want to give birth, even if we’re participating in these weird corners of the internet. there’s no shame in that. i truly believe most women would have babies if we had the power to raise and nurture our young without the crippling threat of poverty

Anonymous 77270

Shut up moid.

Anonymous 77271

Good to know you won't be reproducing

Anonymous 77272

>most women would have babies if we had the power to raise and nurture our young without the crippling threat of poverty
This. My mom always says she would’ve had 6+ kids if she was married to someone that made a decent second income.

Anonymous 77284


Yes. It was our irreverence for mainstream internet culture that brought me and my fiance together. We had hard childhoods so we want to give our kids a better enviroment to flourish in, give them a better start. It's not my only wish in life, but it's certainly and urge that grew when I grew out of my teen years.
Besides, the world needs more shitposters and I'd be proud if our kids are posting frogs and gondolas in twenty years.

Anonymous 77290

Yes, and? If retards can manage to keep their spawn alive to adulthood I see no reason why I can't.

Anonymous 77305

i'm a mom. have been posting for years but momming was a recent development. It's quite tiring but I love my kiddo.

Anonymous 77342

any reasons for wanting babies?
is it just a biological urge?

Anonymous 77350

I mean yeah it's just a natural urge, but it's pretty much the dominant urge from a shitton years of evolution. Of course women have baby fever, if anything there is something wrong with those that do not.

Anonymous 77353

Raising healthy and well-adjusted children in hopes to better society.
Having someone to love and care for.

Anonymous 77362

They are cute

Anonymous 77379

>I'd be proud if our kids are posting frogs and gondolas in twenty years

That happens to broken children, not healthy ones. Pick a fight with your husband or develop a meth habit.

Anonymous 77386

the bond between a mother and biological child is beautiful, there exists nothing better in the world than caring for another person

Anonymous 77389



Anonymous 77391

>how to become a single mother

Anonymous 77395

If your husband is okay with adopting, then no, probably not. But I'm not going to openly recommend anything~

Anonymous 77398

Have a open night stand and don't use birth control/condom. Just make sure you're financially stable and have a family willingly to support you.

Anonymous 77402


Bwhaha but unfortunately we don’t use condoms but in the heat of the moment I do try to persuade him to finish in a way that will result in a baby. I am getting closer anons. One slip up. I literally know my ovulation days.

Anonymous 77404

Youre taking a chance and might end up ruining your marriage.

Anonymous 77405

Instead of being conniving and awful. Have you actually talk to him and expressed your desire for a baby?

Anonymous 77408

>ruining your marriage
NTA but how? No one is forcing him to not use a condom and finish inside her. Unless she's lying about BC, I don't see how she's being awful, if only a little manipulative.

Anonymous 77410


>I'd be proud if our kids are posting frogs and gondolas in twenty years.
Gondola toy for a meme themed nursery? :3

Anonymous 77414

Men are stupid and until a glimmer of responsibility shows up, they don't understand the actions of their consequences. He probably trust her too much and expects her to avoid pregnancy.
Being a parent is a heavy burden that some people are simply unprepared for. Men also get postpartum depression from the weight of responsibility.

Regardless I feel like it's healthier for any relationship to actual sit down and talk about having a child. Forcing a child onto anyone is just not fair.
>Also mood who force women to have children deserve to gutted while alive.

Anonymous 77420

>and expects her to avoid pregnancy
sounds like his problem for being a manbaby then? I mean, if peepee goes in hooha and inserts baby batter there then baby happens. Everyone knows that, takes two to tango.

>Forcing a child onto anyone is just not fair.

Agreed but him ejaculating inside her while knowing she is not on BC is not being forces. If he doesn't want a kid he can wear a condom? I don't get this one-sided responsibility thing.

Anonymous 77421

I agree he is being selfish.

But they should still talk about it.

Anonymous 77428

>doesn’t want bio kids
>earth is dying
>agreed to adopt
"It would be cruel to bring a child into this uncertain world. What if something bad happened to them? I don't think I could forgive myself or ever get over it. No, I think we should adopt; that way I know they're already fucked and won't care so much"

Anonymous 77429


stop being retarded

Anonymous 77431


But…like… why?..
There are a million cons and couldn't think of a one pro
It makes zero sense

Anonymous 77444

Okay, moid. It is very telling that you have a penis when you believe women are solely responsible for reproduction. If he feels forced or tricked by her being pregnant when he willingly ejaculated inside her, then he's a fucking shit and not fit to be a father or a husband anyway. Get it through your thick skull and realize how retarded you sound when you whine about "le evil womyns baby-trapping me" and "le unfair child support". Don't want a baby? Control your dick, MRA.

Anonymous 77454


Oh I was the one who suggested milking him for his sperm lol

I know that if don’t have to have kids to be an adult it’s just some strange internal misogynistic anxiety I sometimes have.

I wouldn’t mind if I did become like Edna though, she’s so badass.

Honestly I’m just surprised at this point that the pullout method has worked for so long like wtf statistically shouldn’t i have gotten pregnant by now lol

Anonymous 77455

what are you supposed to see? those magic eye things never work for me

Anonymous 77456

This made mustard gas, wth

Anonymous 77465

You're right about being in arrested emotional development if you feel that underneath. There's no proper right of passage to adulthood in Western civilization, and even if there were, by all historical counts, a girl becomes a woman when she has her first child. This isn't to say you can't be an adult without a child, but you'll never achieve that feeling of being an adult until you're taking care of someone else. You don't have to be a parent, I have no idea if it will be a good thing for you to parent, but I will say taking care of a child, especially yours, is the faster path to feeling like an adult. There are a lot of benefits to being childless, there are a lot of benefits to having children. The choice is yours.

Anonymous 77491

I love little kids and toddlers, but I find infants and especially newborn babies disgusting.
Look at the swollen face and disproportionate body, with huge genitals, of the boy in OP pic. It's so uncanny.

Does anybody feels the same way? I can't wait to have a 2 year old child, or even a 6 month old baby, but newborns always weirded me out, even as a child.

Anonymous 77510

How messed up is it to adopt a child around 5 just to skip the baby phase?
If anything I think I would love a child that isn't related to me more then one I actually birthed.

Anonymous 77515

Something tells me you’re a self hating white

Anonymous 77521

Where the fuck did I say didnt want a white child? I just don't want a baby.

Anonymous 77532

>getting this mad about being called out

Anonymous 77533

You didn't answer the question.
What made you have the correlation that adoption = white hate.

Anonymous 77534

You know there's other then black babies wanting to be adopted. Not every White person has that white savior mentality. That's mostly Europeans.

Anonymous 77548

Something tells me you're a scrote. Only they would read wanting to adopt a child as a black cuckolding fantasy. Really lives rent free in your head, huh?

Anonymous 77562

I'm with this. I feel like I'm not cut out for the baby stage. I know my partner wouldn't contribute half of the labor for taking care of the baby so I'd rather just skip that phase.
Honestly I think I'd rather adopt an older girl maybe even a teen girl and help her navigate life/prevent her from being further damaged by the system.
Ideally I'd like to have enough financial leverage to care for and send a number of young women to college and support them. Idk I just think I'd be contributing more to society that way and I think I'm just better suited for that role.
Hopefully I age into somebody who can accomplish something like that.

Anonymous 77600


Sounds like foster care. You don't get legal rights over the child and it's often messy but good foster parents are always in high demand.

Anonymous 77773

The first half in this music video absolutely did it for me.
Sorry if it gives anybody else baby fever as well.

Anonymous 78141


Anons do you fear having more than one kid and liking one more than the other?
>tfw my mother clearly likes my brother more.
>Even being a sort of feminist she mommies the shit out of him.
>She says that's normal for moms to like their sons more than their daughters.
>Notices that the guys I date are kind of similar to my bro (he's stupid but cool).

Think I'd be just like her if i have kids…

Anonymous 78154

I’m not really worried. My mom wasn’t perfect but she knew how to treat all of her kids the same.
I personally think it’s natural to favor certain children. I’d likely implicitly favor any girls I’d have over boys if my relationship with my cousins are any predictor but as long as you are aware of it and even the odds for them it’s not that bad

Anonymous 78205

Shinji and mom.jpg

If I wasn't mentally unstable and could afford it, I'd love to adopt a couple children that are not newborns. I like the idea of supporting a little being and watching them grow into their own person.

Anonymous 78206

Milky Holmes Skele…

Welp this thread makes me want to become a mom so hard. Too bad that is impossible for a 29 year old virgin.

Anonymous 78207

I really wanna have a big family when I’m older, but I’m also scared of pregnancy. How bad is it?

Anonymous 78216

It's super weird to think about it, isn't it, weird shit growing inside you like in Alien. But from what I gather the bond between biological mother and child can be the strongest thing there is and I mean with modern medical science I think it's not so bad.

But yeah not gonna lie it's scary af.

Anonymous 78217

Just asked my mom about it and she also had the same concerns
those feelings go away when you're actually pregnant

Anonymous 78255

why is it impossible there are plenty of 29 year old virgin men

Anonymous 78260

>tfw you want kids but hate moids and you’d rather die than spend the rest of your life with one
I could always just adopt, but I wish I could pass on my genes too. I heard about a lesbian couple where both were able to carry the baby, I’d be scared of it going wrong though.

Anonymous 78261

you do realize that your kid would have a 50% chance of being a moid right

Anonymous 78275

That's what abortion is for.

Anonymous 78277

Fairly easy to get gene donators just choose them well of course.

Anonymous 78281

What you leave out is that many of them are raging misogynists/racists/alcoholics who would probably abuse their wives and children if given the opportunity. And the ones who are will try their best to conceal those facts until they achieve some semblance of stability in the relationship.

Anonymous 78285

I’ve considered it, but I also want to have my own at some point. An art teacher I really loved in high school had two bio kids and one adopted, so I might do something like that.
Right?? When I was younger I always said I didn’t want to get pregnant because it reminded me of Alien. I guess that movie tapped into something subconscious in the both of us lol
I sure hope that’s the case. I asked my mom about those scary things people online say about pregnancy. You do poop when you’re having a baby, but also apparently the “husband stitches” are the least painful part of the whole ordeal.

Anonymous 78298

wow, you're evil. how about just raising him to be a good person ?

Anonymous 78319

I don't hate guys but there's not really a good reason for me to purposefully seek one out to raise a kid with so I'm going the adoption or sperm bank route myself.

Anonymous 78321

Men aren’t people. Abort a male, save a woman.

Anonymous 78333

got a job as a preschool teacher, but I sub in different classrooms from time to time bc im new (infant-preschool age). the babies and toddlers are so fucking cute. the kids are so precious when they get excited, when you get to play with them, when youre talking to them, etc. I want one of my own but i also dont at the same time. being around the kids makes me smile

Anonymous 78334

>Preventing the sex that perpetrates the majority of all physical, sexual, and mental abuse (even when they're the majority of victims) from being born is evil
You can't even blame the women from poor countries that have 10+ children because they're forced to be docile housewives who give into sex on their husbands whim or be beaten for another reason than existing. It's so sick to think that happens even today, but it's very preventable by erasing a moid existence before its even started and raise the moids growing now to be better people, however fucking futile that is.

Anonymous 78442

What is a good age to start giving a child sugary treats/fast food?

Asking as a American, I feel it'll be inevitable, especially if my kid goes to public school. I just want them to have healthy eating habits. So that way they can avoid having a love-hate relationship with food. I also don't want them to have weight problems like I had growing up. I don't like seeing my cousins and friends feed their children, as young as 3, a happy meal with a soda. It just hurts to see it.

I would love to always cook then up home cook meals. I love cooking for people so it's not a issue for me. Plus I think fast food is too costly in a long term budget plan.

Anonymous 78477

Sugar is fine just dont give them hard candy that stuff breaks the teeth too easily & they shouldnt keep drinking from the nursing bottle either when they get teeth since it pulls their jaw a bit the wrong way if they go ham with it.

Anonymous 78495

I was thinking around 8 years old

Anonymous 78502

I honestly wouldn't let my kid eat processed sugary foods, like McDonalds, until they're about 12. Simple sweet treats, like honey-roasted nuts, baked desserts ect. are fine in moderation from the time they start chewing.


Something which makes it easier to deny kids soda is to make low-sugar syrups and top them up with soda water. It encourages moderation and primes their palate for less intense, natural flavours. A full glass has around 10% the sugar content of a can of coke.

Anonymous 79184

So when I get drunk I cry about not being able to have kids right now with my bf. I really do want them but in all actuality I just don't want them with him. I also think I can't have kids due to pcos…

Anonymous 79230

I know if not the same as having birthing your own kid, but you can always adopt.
If you're rich enough you can get a surrogate.

Anonymous 79231

I don't know what your situation is but why stay with him then? I get not wanting to be lonely but you might as well not waste your time finding a guy you want to be the dad if you want kids this much.

Anonymous 79232

I want kids when i'm in my late 20s but i'm just so scared about the possibility of someone sexually assaulting my daughters for some reason. I'm scared of all the bad stuff that can happen to them

Anonymous 79233

It can't be fully protected against but the best thing you can do is vet family members as closely as possible and don't let anyone who seems remotely sketchy be alone with your kids, even if it causes fights. Don't have a kid with a moid who will be fine letting his creepy brother have sleepovers with your kids because "he's family".

Anonymous 79250

> the best thing you can do is vet family members as closely as possible
THIS. If you sense anything off with a family member (whether it’s your partner’s or your own) do not leave your kid alone with them (even your boys).
Statistically, if it’s gonna happen it’s gonna be a family member or close family friend, people just don’t like hearing that their brother or best friend could be a creep so “stranger danger” is taught instead.

Anonymous 80237

i combat this by collecting what i call baby shaped objects
these range from cabbage patch kids, to monchichi, all the way to baby mlp dolls
still lonely as fuck tho

Anonymous 81808


>erasing the moid existence
i love this site

Anonymous 81825

>birthing a child is literally the apex of human creative potential
Is it? I get why you replied to that anon like that but almost anyone can make a baby just by having sex. Maybe I could see it if it was parenting and raising your kids into being great people, but if it's just popping out the baby I don't see how it speaks to human creativity when every other mammal does it.

I think I just really don't want kids though, pregnancy horrifies me.

Anonymous 81844


Here queen, you dropped this

Anonymous 81845

Where's the mistake, it would be based

Anonymous 81846

…to erase moids with?

I’ll see myself out

Anonymous 81847

im retarded

Anonymous 81852

Same it’s ok <3

Anonymous 81928

cute :) and he'd work perfectly as one of those things parents hang over the edge of cribs… i forgot what theyre called. i had a few as a baby.

Anonymous 82132

That's why it's very important to have passions and ideals to pass down to your child, even if they grow out of it, which they will. This way, they can create their own ideals and discover their own passions.
Having children in hope they will fix your life is the worse error you can do as a human being. I'm sure that most abusive parents had kids precisely because of that, assuming it wasn't an accidental pregnancy.
Having children is the ultimate creative act, yes, but you need to be actually creative in a way before. Otherwise it's just a cope.

Anonymous 82482

ayyy lmao assuming this is true as long as they both look similar no problem.

If you say he has totally different looking you are trolling 4/10 bait.

Anonymous 82486

Why would you do that and then stay with the cuck? Actual whore.

Anonymous 82512


wow, babies are so cute!

Anonymous 82533

is that a doll? or is that baby going to have shaken baby syndrome

Anonymous 82534

idk, it looks dead and that's what makes it funny

Anonymous 82539

stfu edgelord

Anonymous 82543

This looks horrifying to me, especially with the song saying "nothing bad" and the mother looking 16

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