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Anonymous 77265

Do you guys agree with tenko chabashira about males

Anonymous 77266


WELL if you actually look into her freetime events, she is a nuanced character that was pink pilled by her sensei (male) in order to protect her so make of that what you will. However, dudebros hear “degenerate male” and feel personally attacked and refuse to look more into her character, meming her to death as this horrible person.

Hating men is a fun hobby for me, not a lifestyle and Tenko is hilarious and correct pilled for this reason

Anonymous 77288

it's hilarious how sensitive and beta all guys are lol

and yes she stole my heart from the very beginning <3

Anonymous 77292

she and Koizumi are the best

Anonymous 77561

i tend to ignore the part in the canon where its made clear that she hates men because she was made to. its just funnier that way for me.
shes a based man hater, i love to see how she pisses off all the retarded male fans, easily my favourite danganronpa character.
have to agree with that

Anonymous 77579

She's only like that because she's a dumbass who took her master's (a man btw) at face value.

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