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Anonymous 77413

does anyone here know how subliminals and manifesting work? i've been interesting in trying out subliminals but im not sure how they even work

Anonymous 77417

manifesting works by truly believing that you already have what you're trying to manifest and by taking any chance to attain your manifestation. Hope this helped babe

Anonymous 77449

so lets say i want a dog do i keep telling myself i have a dog?

Anonymous 77458

yeah, pretty much. you can say "I have my desired dog", "I have a whatever dog breed you want" those are some basic affirmations. you might also want to manifest having time to spend with your dog, enough money to take care of you dogs needs, you or anyone you live with doesn't have any allergies to your dog and whatever else you want. you can make a vision board, that helps some people. you can make a folder on your phone or computer, there are some website you can use like pinterest or we heart it. make sure you believe in what you're manifesting and please don't be discourage if it takes longer than you want to get a dog or whatever you're trying to manifest. it can take a few weeks to a few months (or even years if you're manifesting something big) to achieve it.

Anonymous 77482

It doesn’t “work” it’s not magic or anything. The point is to keep your priorities in your mind and be confident about your ability to achieve what you want.
People like to flex on how they manifested things with their special spiritual brain energy but that’s just life, sometimes shit works out and sometimes it doesn’t, luck is also involved.

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