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orgasm Anonymous 77478

How the fck is an orgasm? i have had sex and i know my body well enough, but i still don't know if i have experienced orgasm. I asked some of my friends and they all answered me different things. I understand that this point about sexuality is totally individual in meaning and generally the same things are not experienced by all women, but i want to know what they have to say about it

Anonymous 77480

If you aren't sure if you've had one, you haven't had one

Anonymous 77488

I think this sort of rhetoric, and popular culture that depicts the female orgasms as being mind-blowing, sets unrealistic expectations. The quality of my orgasms varies widely.

Rather, I think >>77479 is correct - it should feel like a peak of some sort, and, what I find the most easy tell
>you're relieved of feeling horny

OP, do you feel comfortable with the people you sleep with? Do you masturbate? Have you tried masturbating in a variety of ways? Does it feel different? Do you take any meds, most importantly antidepressants? These can have an effect on libido and ability to orgasm.

Anonymous 77490

It’s like sneezing with your vagina. You probably won’t have one unless you masturbate.

Anonymous 77492

If you don't know if you have had an orgasm then you have not had one.

It would be like if if you were trying to figure out what a sneeze was and you had read about it and talked to friends about it and had it described to you and still didn't know if you had ever sneezed. Anyone who has sneezed a couple of times knows what a sneeze is, same with orgams.

an orgasm is shooting pleasure radiating through you whole body almost involuntarily (like a big sneeze but whole body) it makes your legs twitch and be nearly uncontrollable for a few seconds. It is the best natural feeling a human can have without drugs, it is the thing that drives humans to fuck and reproduce and do illogical shit to obtain after they have had one

Anonymous 77493

I feel like a cold wave going thru my body followed by a moment of complete bliss. Penetration does nothing for me but poking the bean usually gets me there. I strongly suggest trying out any of the Satisfyer toys.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 77494

Moved to >>>/nsfw/4038.

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