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Cryptocurrency Anonymous 7773

Hello, since there isn't a thread and bitcoin is on an INSANE bull run atm, I decided to make a thread for all of us who are into cryptocurrency to discuss things!

I'm not an expert and only got into it this August, I'm currently holding some bitcoin, ethereum, and a few other alts.

I was taking a break from it the last few months due to personal responsibilities but things are getting too insane and I'm basically deciding to put my entire paycheck into it now.

My strategy is to do half in half, putting money into well-established currencies than the rest into alts that are bit riskier. I'm currently in college atm and don't mind losing it all.

Here are the sites I frequent: bitcointalks.org, r/cryptocurrency.

A good beginner guide: https://blockgeeks.com/guides/how-to-invest-in-cryptocurrencies/

When did you get into it?

What is your strategy?

What are you holding? (you don't have to say if you feel like it'll compromise your privacy) ^^

Anonymous 7775

Is it still worth it to get into cryptocurrency if you don't buy drugs etc?

Anonymous 7778

I think so, I put in a couple hundred in August and x10 returns on all the investments.

You usually turn it into fiat and cash out any time you want.

Anonymous 7790

If you have spare cash around and like risk, sure, but I personally would not. It seems like a huge bubble really and you don't want to be there when it bursts… (for bitcoin anyway)

Anonymous 7791

So as someone who never got into bitcoin, here's one thing I don't understand: pricing.
I think a lot of us have heard in the media about how a single bitcoin is worth something like $15,000. But let's just say if you had a few bitcoins and wanted to sell, who buys them and where do you do so to guarantee you'll see a red cent of that money?
Another thing I don't understand: websites who accept bitcoin as a form of payment. If I'm to believe a single bitcoin is worth $15,000, there's virtually very few products alone that are worth that price to justify giving an e-store a single bitcoin. Do people actually spend their bitcoins on non-deepweb type sites? Do websites prey on ignorance?

Anonymous 7792

Yeah, that's what's making me worried tbh, there is a huge bubble and I think it might crash soon

Anonymous 7793

You can sell them on coinbase

When you buy something with bitcoin you don't have to use a whole coin, you can use part of it. I'm mainly in it just to turn my cash investments into a larger amount cause I'm in college and don't really care about the risk since I don't many obligations


Microsoft accepts bitcoin along with other reputable retailers, so it isn't like fake money or a ponzi scheme.

Oh and like the other person said don't ever put in more than you can lose.

Anonymous 7802

There's also been talk of a split between Bitcoin and some other currency so there's a lot of uncertainty… Just be careful anon if you do plan on buying. Be smart, and good luck.

Anonymous 7816

I use this https://www.coinbase.com/?locale=en-US

I recommend buying ETH over BTC

Anonymous 7817

the only problem is if you have so much bitcoin and can't handle the taxes

Anonymous 30474

any updates from all the long-holders of BTC?

Anonymous 31114

Anonymous 31243

from 3100 to 35xx is not that much desu alts have recently x10 holo, waves, chainlink, quant, ltc all mooned over 100%

Anonymous 31244

continued… use derivitives to set a certain amount to risk and hedge by beting a ratio of each outcome. close position when -15% and increse leverage on the winning position. this way you make money up or down. use robinhood to do the same with stocks.hedged always

Anonymous 31247

i thought only CME offered derivatives (at-least legit liquid ones) on BTC; even then how big is the liquidity/volume on alt-crypto options.

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