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Anonymous 77749

should i become a vtuber? it seems fun and i want some money without having to show my face!

Anonymous 77751

Sure, why not. Just don't post any identifying details. It's pretty hard to make it big these days though unless you can come up with something new.

Anonymous 79256

VROID studio is a free program that'll allow you to edit 3d models for a vtuber character.
I know steam has a face rig program for $15. I dont know if theres a free or better one.
Commissioning a 2d model is like $200-$600 depending on the artist.

Anonymous 79285

Yes. Get progressively better at voice acting but start streaming now.

Anonymous 79288

oh wow! i kind of trashed this idea but i was actually thinking of using vroid the other day so maybe this is a sign. i felt kind of lame for wanting to pursue it but since its anonymous if i ever dislike it i can always just stop.

Anonymous 79289

You can make us join your community.

Anonymous 79290

Do it only for fun, not money.

Anonymous 79559


I tried but lost a lot of motivation when I got on Twitter and I realized how much I hated the indie English vtuber community. I still want to do it, but life and work are hard right now and reading about vtuber scandals isn't helping.
Anyways, Twitter and Reddit are good for promotion, but stay away from toxic major players.
FaceRig won't be supported anymore soon because the company wants to switch to a subscription-based model, so I wouldn't recommend. You also have to pay more for the Live2D plugin. Vtube Studio is probably the best free one, but needs a phone with FaceID to work. VUP is broke and feels like a virus. Wakaru is meh. PrPrLive is free and also has better version with a one-time fee that, last time I checked, won't be changing soon. The only issue is that all the tutorials for PrPrLive are done by some cat tranny who won't drop the fucking cat voice for a software tutorial.

Anonymous 79560

If you can stand the community. It looks fun at first but if you are an English speaker any audience that would give you cash is looking for an uwu baby pedo fantasy that simultaneously acts 12 and innocent but also has massive tits and is horny 24/7.

The only exception is like, Snuffy, and she still is horny all the time she just has a more normal looking model and uses her real adult voice now.

I consider being a vtuber on the daily now but I always get stopped by the fact that I would at some point have to entertain some horny moid for like, a dollar.

Anonymous 79562

VTuber eng community was meant to be doomed from the start. When it all just started, everyone knew that there was a weird pedo-chan who would do incest-y shit with her brother, cheat on her bf and whatnot, but no vtuber (even the most popular ones) would speak out about it because they were too scared to lose following. People started witchhunting said weirdo only after a completely random, non-vtuber person made a thread about it, and everyone jumped with shit ' I KNEW ALL ALONG BUT I WAS TOO SCARED ', what a bunch of retards.

Anonymous 79574

i dont even care if i dont get a large audience. i hate the community and i hate social media. but i want to have fun and entertain some people. if it doesnt work out then its whatever honestly :(

Anonymous 79755

>i hate social media.
>still wants to be a live streamer
I don't understand this attitude.

Anonymous 79757

When you're a Vtuber you are presenting a persona rather than yourself. Keeping the persona clean is a relatively easier job of "would this character actually say this?" as opposed to when it's you and it becomes an issue of "Should I be honest or should I do what helps me the most?"

It's really the difference between using Social Media as yourself and using it as a means ala "influencer".

Anonymous 81012

The difference between social media and streaming for a small audience is like being in a crowd vs. sitting inside with a few people

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