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journals Anonymous 77756

Do any of you have a journal, or write down your thoughts when you're feeling guilty or have a secret? Does it help you feel better in some way, or help you clear your mind and sort things out? I'm feeling guilty about a lot of stuff right now and considering if writing down everything that is going on in my head will help me in any way

Anonymous 77758

i've tried journaling a while ago but it got hard, i couldn't really get used to writing my thoughts down instead of drowning them in music/food.
been thinking about getting back to it for the past week. maybe it'll help with making time go by faster. i should probably incorporate journaling into my evening routine

Anonymous 77760


I kept and destroyed many journals. I only ever felt compelled to write when there was some sorrow to share. This had the unintended effect of causing me to remember the bad times more frequently while forgetting the good moments between. I don’t want to let them define my life, but I am not in a place where I have enough joys to fill a page. I would like to keep one, maybe when I am a different person. For now I would like to forget the person I am.

Anonymous 77761

My diary is just alternate entries venting about how shitty life is and sperging about whatever entertainment I've been obsessed with lately. A little mood whiplash when I go back and read things.
For me it does help a little when I am just thinking of something over and over to just write it down.

Anonymous 77772

Yeah it works. But make sure you write it well so you don't cringe when you proofread it.

Anonymous 80597

Anonymous 85749

No, I just use imageboards for that purpose. Journals don't do much for me because there's no difference between writing something down but keeping it secret and just thinking about it in my head.

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