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I MISS MY FRIEND!! Anonymous 77915

friends i miss my friend if you see her please tell her i said hello and also post pictures of big fat pigs because she likes those! !
you will be able to identify her by her sweetness and love of big fat pigs :-)

Anonymous 77927


Is she no longer responding to emails/skype? I miss you j, even if you are still mad at me for being a bad friend. I hope you are doing ok.

Anonymous 77929


I KNOW THIS IS ABOUT ME. I am obsessed with big fat pigs. My discord username started with “R.” Who is this??

Anonymous 77949


Not ur friend but here’s a picture of some boars to make you feel better

Anonymous 77952

Posting again bc I keep thinking about this post.. does your name start with a “j” and end with an “a” OP? Because, if so, I really miss you too so much and I made a stupid mistake.

Anonymous 77953

I'm >>77927 and this is who I thought it was too
>tfw alienate friends by spiralling and becoming unresponsive

Anonymous 77971

How’d you know it was her? Did she tell u she had a friend who liked big pigs?

What happened with me was that it seemed like we drifted a little and so when I made a new discord I didn’t re-add her. But that was really stupid and I miss her so much even if we didn’t talk a lot. Isn’t she so nice?

Anonymous 77974

I don’t know what her discord is. I met her about 7 years ago on an eating disorder website. But she posted about her pigs there.

Anonymous 77975

Oh uh I think we’re both talking about a different person then? I’m pretty sure the OP’s name starts with “J” and the person who likes pigs is me.

Anonymous 78051


Jessica if this is you, it’s Rachel and you can contact me at my throwaway email at [email protected] !!! Pls be you…

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