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Anonymous 77936

Now the trannies want us to change our preference and impose their stupid ideology on us. Its really astonishing how even some females are supporting this in the replies.
https://twitter.com/MAM1SHAMPOO/status/1278406432854073346?s=20(belongs in trans general)

Anonymous 77948

Ugh, I’m not even a lesbian so I am saved from this but it pisses me off how trannies online think they’re entitled to sex (always TiMs too, the TIFs are busy with their yaoi). If they were really as cute and feminine and “unclockable” as they act they wouldn’t have a problem getting laid. Literally just incels with extra step

Anonymous 78080


The super movement got too popular on reddit so the mods banned it for being thoughtcrime.

Anonymous 78131

No-one is asking anyone to take dick, that's genital preference.

Anonymous 78137

You're not safe even if you're straight. There was a story I saw about one who sexually assaulted a woman who already had a boyfriend and was friends with them.

Anonymous 78142

Fuck off tranny, sexuality is innate and unchangeable, SEXuality is SEX based it's not a preference bi people literally cannot fathom people not being bi

Anonymous 78144

>genital preference
It’s called having a sexuality, actually.

Anonymous 78146

oh wow one anecdotal story, good evidence

Anonymous 78212

I'm bisexual but I wouldn't let a tranny anywhere near me. Even pre-op "girldick" seems so fucking gross.
It's not about just a "genital preference", because it's not a preference. I'm literally repulsed by these tranny's bodies.

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