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is this a valid fear or am i overreacting ? Anonymous 77973

at middle school one of my bullies would whenever i wore a skirt grab and "raise" it behind my back .

i now want to start wearing middle length skirts again(with short legging underneath) but i am afraid of getting sexually harassed

is this a valid fear or am i overreacting ?

for context i live in a eastern eu non slavic country, and in a part of town where mostly foreigners/immigrants stay but have never been harassed/catcalled there

Anonymous 77976

You're overreacting some, I don't see any harm in wearing middle length skirts with leggings. If you've only worn pants or long skirts until now and haven't dealt with any crap, then you should be alright.

Anonymous 78022

i meant really short leggings to be safe etc,true i am really paranoid i guess



Anonymous 78023

i mean honestly i think you should dress whatever way makes you feel most comfortable. Even if its unlikely to happen, the reduced paranoia that comes along with wearing leggings is worth it. whats the temprature where you are like? the only downside i could see is if youre in a warm area and this skirt habit causes you to overheat

Anonymous 78088

You've experienced trauma and it's perfectly natural to be averse to something that was involved in that trauma. What you need to understand is that trauma was tied to the person and not the skirt. You can do something called "exposure therapy". Basically what you do is you keep wearing the skirt and soon your brain will lose the association with being assaulted and you will gradually become more comfortable.

I genuinely believe that what happened to you was an isolated incident and won't happen again and that you should continue wearing skirts.

Anonymous 78162

this unironically helped me just now so i'm going to try this lol

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79658

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