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Greentext stories Anonymous 7810

Post em

Anonymous 7861

Bump bump, won't anyone post itt? I like the idea, op. I don't lurk any other imageboards except for LC at this point so if anyone does please contribute.

Anonymous 7864


Posting a classic.

Anonymous 7876

want some sweet /cgl/ oc?

Anonymous 7877


Anonymous 7891


Classic spider bro.

Anonymous 7892

dad's gay

Anonymous 7893


Anonymous 7895

Wish I saved the few history greentext stories I saw over the years, they're always, always great.

Anonymous 7907


I still get a hearty chuckle from this

Anonymous 7913


Anonymous 7914

this one is fucking hilarious, oh my god

Anonymous 7918


Hehe, just general warfare green texts are amazing

Anonymous 7922


Monster guy Manuel always makes me laugh

Anonymous 7931


Anonymous 7937

This is what inspires me to make my D&D games as green text worthy as possible right here.

Anonymous 7941


Speaking of DnD greentext.

Anonymous 7985


You both made me remember pic related

Anonymous 7993


Feel good greentext.

Anonymous 8007

This was both inspiring and depressing.

Anonymous 8061


Can't grab the screenie because it won't fucking let me, but enjoy. I remember the day this was posted and it gave me a hearty laugh.

Anonymous 8088


Speaking of fun times in D&D..

Anonymous 8093


Anonymous 8204


Dedicated to my upstairs neighbor who is quiet until 1am, then stomps around (and sometimes screams on the phone) sometimes until 5am without stopping.

>>I have a bluetooth speaker taped to the ceiling that I put on whenever this goes on more than 1 hour…but live vicariously through this story. I know this guy can walk quietly, because I'll hear his front door closing but only in the middle of the night he just stomps (worst part is it's uneven. Like stomp.stomp.stomp…stmststmststsmt..stomp…stststmstmltstm…stomp.stomp.sttmpttmtps).

Anonymous 8206

Fav CGL Story.png

Anonymous 8218

My sides anon, I fucking love this one.

Anonymous 8219

Fuck…I had a similar thing happen, except looking back on it, what I was looking for sounded like a codeword for drugs :(

Anonymous 8222

This is a long, likely troll story, that spans quite a while and has an update 16 months later (it's too long to post a screenshot). Unfortunately ctrl + f doesn't work for finding OP's posts, but I think it's worth at least scrolling through.

This is the first post as a preview I guess:

>>I accidentally killed my neighbor's dog, I think, and I'm sick about it.

>>They've been letting her bark all night next door and she would pace outside by my bedroom window. I tried earphones and earplugs but it was a shrieking kind of sound, with howling. She was young, part retriever. I guess they were trying to get her to grow up.

>>They're horrible people and I couldn't talk to them. No one else would do anything. People here aren't like that. Eventually someone just would have given her antifreeze of something. So I started tossing raw meatballs over the fence with a tiny amount of my Xanax and Diazepam in them, one each night around 10. It worked fine. But I guess there was a build up of something because Tuesday morning I heard screaming and they had found the dog dead with froth all over its face.

>>The woman came to my door and asked if I had seen anything and then as much as asked if I did something. I said no of course not, I loved Shelly. (I would give her treats and even walked her when she was a puppy a few times before the people got weird)

>>Now she's going all over accusing people. She says they're getting two pit bulls and if anything happens she's going to start civil war.

>>Now I don't know what to do. Should I just go and tell her the truth? It was an accident. I could say I was trying to soothe the dog and it was a terrible mistake. If she gets pit bull they'll be barking all the time and I'll have to move, and I can't afford more rent. I'm afraid they'll hurt my cats, which Shelly never did. I have an understanding with my landlord and I'm worried. Can I be arrested if I confess? All I wanted was some sleep.

>>I know how this sounds, but any ideas will be helpful. Has this ever happened to you?

>>—Anonymous (1596 views)

You can read the full thing here (It get's pretty funny/crazy toward the end imho):

Anonymous 8249


Anonymous 8270

Heuheuheu I remember this.

Anonymous 8282


Anonymous 8283

This is probably not true but it's funny.

Anonymous 8310

The OP ended up being rather strange and on the sociopathic side. I don't think it was too funny.

Anonymous 8313


She looks and sounds like a weirdo. She must purposely hang out with atrociously hideous women if they're jealous of her.

Anonymous 8326

shit sandwich.PNG

Anonymous 8470

That guy is obviously a genius. I'd trust him and his intuition about the pigeons.

Anonymous 8488

Agreed. While this sounds fake like most gt stories, it's so absurdly edgy. Also i think i literally got the word fat stuck to my brain from reading it so many times in this text, she's got some issues with weight.

Anonymous 8946


Anonymous 8953


Not exactly green text but hey

Anonymous 8956

Lol'd so true.

Anonymous 8979


Anonymous 9036


Anonymous 12759


Anonymous 12766


Anonymous 21648


Anonymous 21651

that's not a greentext

Anonymous 21664


Anonymous 21665


Anonymous 21688

Wow has it really been over 4 years since that came out? God damn. I remember joking and laughing about that one like it was yesterday.

Anonymous 21693

That was so fun, thanks for posting.

Anonymous 36955

>that reveal at the end
That was quite the twist

Anonymous 36959

god damn i actually truly hate reading greentext like this.
am i too old for this stuff now?

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