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Anonymous 78224

can someone be my friend and teach me how to do makeup and we can we become like bffs im so isolated lol ..

Anonymous 78225



Anonymous 78227

What kind of makeup are you interested in? Do you have any inspiration pics?

Anonymous 78233

quite an elegant chat was sended

Anonymous 78235

op here if anyone wanna do this my disc is meowchan#6862

Anonymous 78236

i wanna learn make up for my face and contour nose ,,

Anonymous 78238

I feel like contouring is quite dated. I think it’s common now not to use any nose make-up, except perhaps a very thin layer of glossier skin tint. The looks you see on YT are based on drag queens, very few women actually wear that.

Anonymous 78241

whats the best way then to make ur nose look smaller ? (without plastic surgery atm)

Anonymous 78262

What >>78240 said. Go for a cool greyish contour colour so it looks like a real shadow. Look up Lisa Eldridge's videos as she has easy natural timeless looks.

Anonymous 78273

hiiiii do u like bladee

Anonymous 78291

YES i love bladee eversince best album and ecco >>>

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