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I think I might be autistic Anonymous 78369

Since I was a kid I have been very weird and quiet. I never thought I had autism until last year but I was diagnosed with Atention Deficit Disorder when I was 10 years old so obviously I'm not neurotypical
I don't want to self diagnose but I'd love to read more experiences of autistic woman! I'll post mine as well.
(The image is in spanish because that's my native language lol)

Anonymous 78371


I didn't know that…

Anonymous 78372

I think autism in woman works different!
It's not as noticeable for high function autistic woman because they mask better and have more "normal" special interests

Anonymous 78374

what does it mean.…

what does this mean

Anonymous 78378

You might have autism…

Anonymous 78380


Anonymous 78381


I don't know that it means but

Anonymous 78385


I don’t have autism I just have nerves, interests, and emotions.

Anonymous 78389


>Your broader autism cluster (Aspie) score: 159 of 200
>Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 63 of 200
>You are very likely on the broader autism cluster (Aspie)

I….I dont know what to say.

Anonymous 78390


i’m not autistic, i also don’t understand this chart

Anonymous 78405



Anonymous 78428


Anonymous 78433


Well I guess I'm not THAT autistic… but this test explains alot…
BR ou PT? either way, BASADA

Anonymous 78434



Many of my friends growing up are and I often attracted to weirdos so I feel a kinship with the autists but I’m not actually autistic.

Anonymous 78438


Professionally diagnosed, it's definitely worth talking to a psych if it's something that's worrying you. My classmates/friends/teachers suspected I was on the spectrum all my life and I got tested in my early 20s. Took a few hours, a little difficult to focus (ironically also ADHD diagnosed) but totally worth it even just for the peace of mind.
As other anons pointed out, women do present symptoms differently: https://sparkforautism.org/discover_article/are-girls-with-autism-hiding-in-plain-sight/
Women also tend to "mask" which I never had a word for until diagnosis. 100% rec. (sage for blogpost)

Anonymous 78439


how am i supposed to read this

Anonymous 78445

It means you're a normie

Anonymous 78452


I've been diagnosed with ADHD but not autism…i have no social skills though

Anonymous 78513

So… normie with interests right? Is that how to read it?

Anonymous 78514


Autistic enough to forget file. Or is that the normie side? What does thismean?

Anonymous 78516

There is definitely a certain level of detachment from other people and their norms some people such as me seem to have. Ive been so overwhelmed by existence for so long that i have memories of being a baby. Despite this i scored only 122 points in this test and would not consider myself autistic. I have acted like an absolute autist all my childhood and adolescense (i dont mean just social anxiety but also my way of making sense of the world), sure, but people are simply not that complicated that one could not ever figure them out just by learning and observing. This is why autism gets diagnosed / should get diagnosed either with mental retardation or with people of higher disagreeableness who have a tendency to stick to their own beliefs instead of trying to conform. Despite my life having been lonesome hell due to how my brain works, i dont think i would have ever benefited from an autism diagnosis, considering the stigma it would have asserted on me. Afterall, ive always wanted to get rid of my anxieties. Embracing them would not ever have brought me happiness and wouldve only further alienated me from everyone and everything.

Seriously you all, dont just diagnose yourselves because of your tendencies to aknowledge how overwhelming reality is and how uncanny normal people appear for not seeing what you see. Its okay to be slightly detached from being human, it doesnt always mean that you have to divide the world into "you" and "them". You might have a lot more in common with people than you think. And even if you dont, wouldnt it just be nicer to figure people out (maybe read a psychology book or two) and be seen as a cool rather intelligent lone wolf whose just on another level, instead of being seen as a literal retard.

Anonymous 78545


if it means anything, my younger brother has asperger's

Anonymous 78600


I was so afraid of the results but I think I'm okay??

Anonymous 79305

OP here! I never said i was autistic, but it might be a big possibility
Thank you for your thoughts and i think you are right in a lot of tje stuff you were writing about
Honestly I just wanna know how to operate better so i understand myself

Anonymous 79317


ive been thinking about a possible diagnosis since i was 13
i used to have pretty bad sensory problems as a child (hating some sounds, having a weird irony taste when seeing some intense colors, hating some textures in food/clothing, even crying about them, and much more) but i dont really have the money for this kind of thing yet. its kind of sad how my family really disregards this kind of things and have never got me checked. its undoubtly going to be much harder getting a diagnosis now that im older (and being a woman on top of that)

Anonymous 79323


>You have both broader autism cluster and neurotypical traits
lol okay

Anonymous 79324


Anonymous 79325


I think I am more of a schizoaffective than an autist. The social and communication parts were hard for me to answer due to absence of real life experience of those situations.

Anonymous 79327


Hmmm…. Interesting quiz. I have considered whether or not I may have some form of autism a couple times, but every time I've just decided I most likely don't. I think I'm just unsocialized… I haven't done much actual research, but there is a bit of overlap between anxiety and autistic symptoms. At least in terms of some of the behaviors and being overly sensitive to too much stimuli or whatever.
Anyways, here's my result. Enjoy. I guess.

Anonymous 79390

tfw aspie.png

i always thought i had autism because i was a really weird fucking kid
>born pre-mature (more likely to develop adhd/autism)
>thought i was a cat when i was little
>selective mutism
>got upset and cried when my routine was disrupted
>ex: a teacher moving me to a different spot, i cried
>meltdowns when my mother tried to touch/kiss me
although it is so hard because a lot of my shit can also be from trauma

Anonymous 79501


Professionally diagnosed with ADHD as a teen but always suspected autism. I spoke with a therapist and she said I'd be too high-functioning to bother getting a diagnosis so I never pursued one.

Anonymous 79505


>Your broader autism cluster (Aspie) score: 84 of 200
>Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 113 of 200
>You have both broader autism cluster and neurotypical traits

i'm confused

Anonymous 79575

I love you

Anonymous 79724


>Your broader autism cluster (Aspie) score: 119 of 200
>Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 75 of 200
girls… does this mean…

Anonymous 80953

OP here again!! Idk if its correct to self diagnose but if you think youre autistic you should see a theraphist
Me too!!

Anonymous 80981


'your communication is both neurotypical and aspie'…okay? I'm def not aspie (I have a couple of cousins who are) but I may have add.Didn't realize they have overlap.

Anonymous 81138


so how legit is this supposed to be

Anonymous 82083

Im not really sure but they have a bunch of text and info on their page

Anonymous 82106

absolutamente aque…

so what now lmaooo

Anonymous 82196


>borrow my mom's ipad to look at awesome pig videos
>all the recommended videos are 'signs your daughter is autistic'

i am officially epic

>>78389 i like how yours looks like a chicken. like you're a chickenanon pretending to be human but you got exposed

Anonymous 82375


I think my mom thinks im autistic but she thinks i can overcome being autistic…

Anonymous 82462

yesss, just hit the gym and the autism will be gone! <3
why do you think she thinks you're autistic?

Anonymous 101183

i am apparently no…

Although I do think I'm a bit autistic, and my mother frequently points out that I'm too sensitive, specially because I easily get annoyed at her voice. I feel like she's shouting at me at all times.

Anonymous 101187


Normie here

Anonymous 101190


I think mine looks like 'neurotypical weirdo' which sounds about right.

Anonymous 101191


Channeling my inner normie weed pipe energy

Anonymous 101201


Extreme normie?

Anonymous 101206


I'm half autistic

Anonymous 101219

Anonymous 101261


Anonymous 101777

Austism Chart.png

Biggest normie ITT

Anonymous 102026



Anonymous 102415


though I think having an office job quite young made me a bit more normie

Anonymous 102420



Anonymous 102853


I don't even know how to interpret that thing. I think I expected worse?
I don't know

Anonymous 102869

Sem título.png


Anonymous 103258


>Your broader autism cluster (Aspie) score: 75 of 200
>Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 146 of 200
>You are very likely neurotypical

Anonymous 103293


158 out of 200, did I win?
Only thing I ever got diagnosed was depression few years ago.

Anonymous 103432


Don't really understand this graph but one of my aunts and her husband are "pretty sure" I have aspergers. tbh I doubt they have any idea what they're talking about but I am also doubtful of my actual diagnosis (schizoaffective)

Anonymous 103494


Pretty balanced I guess.

Anonymous 103558

aspie quiz.png

idk what this is trying to say about me

Anonymous 103614

2021-09-10 17_38_2…

I have diagnosed ADHD but I suspect I have autism that I'm decent at hiding most of the time due to remembering social scripts and taking criticism very harshly

Anonymous 113845


Anonymous 113917


I need someone to overlap all results from this thread plz. I'd do it but lazy.

Anonymous 113924


>Your broader autism cluster (Aspie) score: 91 of 200
>Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 126 of 200
>You are very likely neurotypical

Never thought I'm autistic, but always hung out in spaces that have a lot of weirdos like me and also autistic people because nowhere else accepted me, it was really nice to find people who can feed off my non-stop stream of thoughts and topics and actually use it to discuss things together.

Anonymous 114379


I don't think I'm autistic. English link here.

Anonymous 114656


always knew i was weird but this is worse than i expected

Anonymous 114664

poly10a (2).png

well, this makes complete sense. oftentimes I notice extremely specific emotions and details that others don't, feel as if they're own, and then be haunted by them; in the meantime, I act in callous ways that end up hurting others, which hurts myself. =.= so many vicious cycles. I always struggled with being able to act on the things I sense in others, and I really wish I didn't. There's so many things I notice like that–and yet, I can't even mask myself to fit in.

broken in the blandest way possible.

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