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Anonymous 78402

pretty sure im going to quit a job i just started tomorrow because my anxiety is too much and its making me suicidal. part of me says to suck it up and do it but i mostly feel like i cant and can maybe make money some other way. im really scared to be a failure but i have not slept at all and need to be ready if i go in 2 hours please help anons… i dont want to go but i dont want to be a failure

Anonymous 78403

also sorry if this post is confusing but i started yesterday its factory work its easy physical work but the 8 hours dragged and youre just listening to machines and its terrible i cant help but feel my time could be used better. even if it was a different job with lower pay i think id be willing to do it part time because this is fulltime.

even if it was with customers i think i could get over that anxiety better than my anxiety with the factory stuff. i worked in a factory last year and i enjoyed it but it was much less strict and i could listen to podcasts and music while i worked so it was very enjoyable

Anonymous 78408

Stop don't be such a coward, quitter. First ask yourself if you really need that job, ask your family too.

Anonymous 78409

Factory work is kinda sad I get ya. Try McDonalds or a Call Center then.

Anonymous 78425

yeah no i get it. imo, give it some time. if u cant handle it anymore then yea u should quit. just give it a few days n see what happens

Anonymous 78426

i already quit and feel terrible but im thinking of looking into something i can maybe overcome better. ive been crying due to guilt all day

Anonymous 78427

if you already quit then dedicate yourself to finding a new one asap otherwise you're gonna feel like shit

Anonymous 78430

youre right anon im gonna look into some more and apply. ill look for something part time im still scared and anxious about even finding a new one but im determined to actually stick to it until college

Anonymous 78440

OP I wish I had an answer for you. I’m four years into an office job that I cannot effectively perform without massive spikes of anxiety and panic attacks that render me useless as a worker. The only reason I still have my job is because some of my coworkers take pity on me and help me out but once they get tired of my shit I am good as gone. In all honesty, I should have been fired a long time ago and it could happen any day now. The only reason I haven’t quit is because once I leave this job I won’t have anything else.

Anonymous 78443

I hope you get through that tough time in your life, I'm starting today and im trying to not be nervous

Anonymous 78446

Look into e-work. Things like proofreading, transcription, and appointment booking can be done from home, so you never need to look at another person and feel their judging eyes on you while you're trying not to end up homeless.

Anonymous 78453

NTA but how do you find a remote job that's not customer service?

Anonymous 78455

I actually got a job offer today for remote data entry that pays pretty well. I just kept on looking every day for new jobs online that were remote and sometimes there would be one posted where the algorithm would fail and not that many people viewed the position.

Anonymous 78462

[Gelatin] Pretty R…

Actually don't listen to me anon after looking into it I think it was just a scam

Anonymous 78463

aw anon im sorry, hopefully something good can come up for you soon!

Anonymous 78465

Ty anon, I have another interview tomorrow with a company I know is legit so I'll hope for the best there.

Anonymous 78469

im not sure if i should just stay neet until i start college in 5 months or still try my hardest to get a job. im just so anxious after what just happened…i wanted to try to go in tomorrow and apologize but i know ill just feel worse. its not the type of job i feel i could push myself to stick it out with.

i dont NEED to work right now but savings are low for myself and i feel bad that my bf supports me even if he offers to do if. and if i dont work between now and college obviously id work come fall or around then/related career…god its just terrible abd confusing i keep ruminating and i havent slept for almost 2 days so my emotions are unbalanced im sorry anons.

just dont want to be a failure. i want to learn from this and shape a new path. college is a definite for me. as for work until a real career? not sure. so many paths and types of jobs i could do.

Anonymous 78486

The worst thing you can do for yourself if to be a NEET who does nothing all day. I would recommend if you don't have to work to maybe try taking some online major-related courses so you can pad your professional resume and use your time in a meaningful way.

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