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Anonymous 78588

how do i get out more? im so bored of being home all of the time. i have my boyfriend and kittens which im grateful for but i get really scared to take walks alone incase someone hurts me and i have no friends because i moved here recently. when i take college classes they will have to be online for a bit since i cant transfer all of my credits here so i cant get out on a campus for a while. usually im okay with being home for the most part but sometimes being cooped up drives me insane.

im looking into some jobs but what else could help? i really wish i had friends. should i just risk taking walks? what are some good outdoor activities?

Anonymous 78589

What specifically scares you about taking a walk? Area? Neighbours? Etc.

Anonymous 78592

meetup.com and pick up some hobbies or something.
or hit some cons when they happen again.

Anonymous 78593

i grew up in a gated area all of my life and i guess just walking alone hearing about all of the trafficking and stuff that can happen heightens my anxiety. my mother also spammed my phone saying id get raped when i asked her if itd be okay to walk without my boyfriend…

that being said ive walked alone a couple of times here and nothing happened and i usually see other people on the trail walking or biking when the weather is nice. maybe i can invest in pepper spray and try it again soon because it really does help to clear my mind and spring is coming. i fucking hate being sheltered and if im not going to work anytime soon and my classes will be online in fall i need to get out. im also trying to get my license but i just need more practice and time. and i can just use one earphone and be cautious when walking i guess.

i really wish i could go to a campus but i dont want to lose all of my credits from my old state. im gonna try walking and getting a bike soon and maybe take up gardening and a cheap outdoor hobby which may help. there is also a crochet club near me (a bunch of older ladies) and i may look into it if im not too anxious.

Anonymous 78594

tried meetup.com and there was like nothing in my area :( just zoom calls geared toward older people but ill try to look into more nearby areas. i think once i get my license things will be much nicer as well. i can pick up dogwalking or uber eats jobs just for some money and to get out and id be able to explore more areas.

but thank you for the help anons! ill work with my situation and see how the walks and gardening help for now.

Anonymous 78595

>Mother spamming phone saying you'll get raped
What the fuck. I guarantee if you go out during the day there's less than 1% chance of something bad happening to you

Anonymous 78596

Looking into other activities you can do with other women is a good idea. You should still be able to take walks though for your own health. Get pepper spray, or carry a small knife.

I’ve been harassed by men while out on walks during the day and I know women who have been less lucky than me. It depends where OP lives, this blanket statement of “nothing bad will happen” is simply not true.

Anonymous 78601

Can you go to cafes a few times by yourself so you get used to going outside by yourself? And walk around a bit where there are lots of people.

Anonymous 78639

So idk what country you live in but I know that public and academic college libraries in the US have really good stuff that’s not just related to book clubs. Like different types of hobby clubs where you can meet new people to make friends.

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