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Anonymous 78626

Does everyone love Japan?

Anonymous 78631

I see myself in that picture tbh, whenever i'm in Japan it feels like my brain is on ecstasy

Anonymous 78642

I lived in Japan for a few years so I have mixed feelings about it. Japanese men and the casual racism towards anyone who doesn’t look 100% Japanese are probably the worst things about Japan.

I’ve noticed that most people over 50 or so and from WWII Allie counties hate anything Japanese because of learning how Japan treated prisoners of war (made Mengele look good).

Anonymous 78643

Their culture is beautiful, cute, artistic and clean. They nailed it.
They are in my view the chief nation in aesthetics, they are in control of art and I dont mean just anime I mean even higher art like paintings from Ayami Kojima, high fashion like Yohji Yamamoto or Rei Kawakubo or Juntya Watanabe. Even classical music like Yoko Shinomura.

They just captivated the world with beauty and art. They are the new Vince, when Vince was in its apex culturally.

Anonymous 78654

This is anecdotal, but I was surprised that my WWII vet grandpa was still extremely respectful to Japanese culture and really admired it.

Anonymous 78659

I love japanese clothing. The cuts and styles are more androgynous than western apparel. I especially love shirts cut with half sleeves. Having a hard time finding affordable brands that aren’t Uniqulo or drop ship sites, anyone have any suggestions?

Anonymous 78915

When I was in my teens, yes, but I stopped idolizing it when I got older. Ironic because I still enjoy anime and such.

Anonymous 78919

>whenever i'm in Japan
How often do you go to Japan?

Anonymous 78920

Do you mean Venice?

Anonymous 78921

I am part Japanese and I lived the first 10 years of my life in Japan. It has such wonderful memories for me. I will always love Japan.
As a child, Japan was amazing. The anime, kawaii mascots for literally everything, the bright colors and neon lights, the amount of video game arcades, the freedom that children have. It was incredible.
I would love to move back there but for different reasons.

Anonymous 78947

what's wrong with japanese men?

Anonymous 78983

Unpopular opinion, but while I enjoy many Japanese things I think they're overrated and generally behind Western countries in many fundamental things. Also most things I like from there were adopted from the West. I think they're particularly good at innovating while respecting and maintaining the parts of the past they want to keep.

Anonymous 78985

Agree. Their attitudes to women and foreigners are decades behind the West.

Anonymous 78987


I appreciate Japan because I love collecting cute Japanese paraphernalia.
I intimately adore Japanese plush dolls. Kawaii culture in Japan is the absolute best and I am absolutely obsessed with it. They have such a way of designing facial features on plush dolls and characters to make them seem so damn cute, Sanrio and all those other plush companies.

Cute in Japan is infinitely better than what cute is presented as in the West.

Anonymous 78992

New to collecting plush and wondering if there is some website to learn more about it or any tips. I asked reddit before and got linked to some unspeakable site about well plushies and degeneracy! i just want some quality plushies

Anonymous 79000

I've only been there twice since i turned 18, last time was right before rona and i'm hoping to travel there again but their borders have been closed rip. I also wanna live there tbh

Anonymous 79011



Amazon is always a friend. Also Etsy. If not Amazon or Etsy, I'm not sure where to look. All the sites I've ever used have been found at random through Google search. Is there an anime/manga shop near where you live? Those tend to sell Japanese plushies sometimes.

Anonymous 79015

i've been at a standstill with japanese for nearly two years. i took it in highschool, but i've just been stuck on the n5 level. i've started doing anki cards and engaging with japanese media so i can start learning again. i'd really like to live in japan at some point if possible. just visiting would make me happy

Anonymous 79017

You can get by in Tokyo with beginner level Japanese I'm serious. But only Tokyo.

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