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Anonymous 78646

Would you?

Anonymous 78647

No, he's annoying. Maybe if he didn't speak in cringenese and had black hair then… yes.

Anonymous 78651

I would

Anonymous 78698

imagine playing
>johnny johnny johnny johnny WOOPS johnny WOOPS johnny johnny johnny johnny
on his bicep

Anonymous 78748


Yes. I don’t even like blonds. Himbos are a thinking woman’s fetish

Anonymous 78751

I'm already married to him.
My husband only hits true himbo levels after a work out, otherwise he's a smart cookie. Get you a man who can do both.

Anonymous 78752

This image of Lincoln as a lanky nerd is completely wrong. Lincoln was a wrestling champion. He just doesn’t fit the himbo vibe cause he’s known as the somber older man who had to fight the confederates and whose kids all died of whatever shitty diseases people had back then. But yes, himbos are the best.

Anonymous 78770

In the show Abe is a skinny nerd. The fact the he fails to live up to the real Abe Lincon is the whole point.

Anonymous 79992

I bet he's ugly and tacky.

Anonymous 80006

>only after a work out
what does this mean
does his testosterone get so high he becomes retarded

Anonymous 80007

Wasn't JFK supposed to be bad in bed

Anonymous 80016

And I wouldn't have him any other way.

>what does this mean
It means after a workout his IQ drops 30 points and his dexterity is awful, but he's also really happy and loving.
>does his testosterone get so high he becomes retarded
I couldn't tell you the mechanism by which it works, what I can tell you, is that he gets very visibly clumsier as far as tasks go. Asking him to make coffee before he works out and after might as well be two different tasks. He gets awful at answering simple questions clearly needing to think them through for a bit, let alone have an intellectual conversation. This lasts for about an hour if not the rest of the day.

If I were to speculate why this happens, it would be that working out does indeed boost his test(and other hormones) to maximum, completely depletes his body of blood sugar (thus increasing brain fog and "dopeyness") and the act of an intense work out does require intense amount of neurons. If you've ever done a task that involved intense cognitive focus, this also applies to going hard at workouts. Muscle fatigue would also make you clumsy as well in general.

The result is a man who goes from being an intelligent programmer who is mildly clumsy, to what I can only describe as a big, loving, dopey, uncoordinated mess after a hard workout.

And it's painfully cute.

Anonymous 80020


You had to turn a shitpost about Johnny Bravo into a discussion about ur shitty husband. Jesus christ stfu.

Anonymous 80030

Anonymous 83703


He's fine but for me, it's him

Anonymous 84070


Someone post the Velma & Johnny pic

Anonymous 84074


nvm found it

Anonymous 84105


Anonymous 85098


One more

Anonymous 85312


Samurai Bravo is cute too

Anonymous 85369


Anonymous 87572

id ship it my dude

Anonymous 87690

My dads favourite fact about my mum is that when she was 19 and they were living in an apartment together she would stay up late to watch Johnny Bravo and I guess was what is now known as a simp. She denies this, but admits to staying up past 11pm on work nights to specifically watch Johnny Bravo because they would only air it close to midnight in Ireland

Anonymous 87692

literal degeneracy. he has tiny toddler legs, for christ's sake

Anonymous 87900

Tfw related to jfk
Feels good man

Anonymous 88258

God damnit. I like this.

Anonymous 89054

he skipped growing up in the bottom half day

Anonymous 89060


Anonymous 89065


lmao why are u so bitter
i assume u had a recent breakup and is thinking of going dyke and lash your anger on someone blogposting on /b/ about the fact they have a satisfying hubbo

Anonymous 89068

ignore the twatterwhales with anger issues, u go sis

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