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The only real reliable IQ test Anonymous 78658

The only real reliable IQ test



my english is 97 iq im sorry

Anonymous 78660


Why is english so hard?

Anonymous 78661


Anonymous 78662


ouch. looks like I really am just a mentally inferior woman

Anonymous 78663

oh I just realized why it's so low. I only picked one answer on both the spacial rotation test and the synonym test. Didn't read the info properly so I didn't realize it was multiple answers…

Anonymous 78666

makes the Verbal part of test even more so telling

Anonymous 78667

You can improve your Verbal IQ by reading and writing right?

Anonymous 78668

If you wanted to improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension, but I'm pretty sure the word scramble part is just latent intelligence.

Anonymous 78669

but wouldnt your Verbal IQ in language you dont know be 0 until you learn to read and write in that language?

Anonymous 78683

Screen Shot 2021-0…

>tfw too smart for bf

Anonymous 78689

iq score.jpg

My memory is pretty good.

Anonymous 78692

I forgot to save it before closing the tab.
I got like 107.
I struggled a bit, I'm dyslexic.
I also did terrible with the spacing of the block challenge.

Anonymous 78694

WTF that's too high! What do you study? And do men really get intimidated by you?

Anonymous 78695

>What do you study?
Something boring.
>And do men really get intimidated by you?
Yes, for different reasons though.

Anonymous 78696

pick up a book anon

Anonymous 78697

This just made me feel bad about myself tbh

Anonymous 78699

Anonymous 78726

Screenshot 2021-03…

midwittery confirmed

Anonymous 78727


Expected way worse on English (ESL). Rotating shapes carried my spatial score but on the shortest distance between points thing I had absolutely no fucking clue what I was looking at and started clicking almost randomly very early on lol

Anonymous 78728



Anonymous 78740


I can rotate those shapes well at least

Anonymous 78741

It shouldn't. This test measures English proficiency and knowledge of vocabulary, it is highly dependent on crystallized intelligence.

Anonymous 78747

I got bored and stopped after the anagrams what does that mean?

Anonymous 78756


English is not my first language so I kinda fucked that up, also rushed the "closest point" selecting thing

Anonymous 78760


I wouldn't call any IQ test reliable.
About what I expected, average. I'm ESL and I don't read much though, but even if I read I doubt I would ever find some of those words. I don't think knowledge of obscure, irrelevant and outdated language is exactly the mark of rich vocabulary. Is this a cope? Maybe.

Anonymous 78761


those shortest distance questions really beat my ass

Anonymous 78796

Screenshot 2021-03…

Better than expected. I was always off by one point for those shortest distance questions though.

Anonymous 78807

>141 memory iq
holy heck anon, that's impressive.

Anonymous 78818


Wish it would give you your score for each subtest, I felt like I did awful on that dot guessing one

Anonymous 78819

Almost everyone here is smarter than me ;-;

Anonymous 78821

Screen Shot 2021-0…

To be fair, IQ tests are kind of a meme. Sorry you're dumb though.

I have legitimately zero idea what I was supposed to do with the shortest distance ones. I just kind of eyeballed where I thought the middle should be. How are you supposed to do it?

Anonymous 78825


137 is what I scored when I took a proper IQ test so this might be more accurate than I thought.

Anonymous 78826

It does, that's what the scores underneath are. So it looks like that was your worst one, but rotating shapes and remembering the coloured squares were your best.

Anonymous 78828


didn't really expect that my memory iq would be the best out of three but well. english bad though

Anonymous 78829

Why are you all so bad at the verbal part? Don't you read books?

Anonymous 78833

A lot of posters here are ESL.

Anonymous 78834

we're ESL

Anonymous 78850

I believe if I >>78660
had done the test in my native language I wouldve scored closer to 135
took an IQ-Test as a child and scored in the 135-140 range

Anonymous 78863


Reminder that these tests are mostly bullshit

Anonymous 79025

I was under the impression that Raven’s Progressive Matrices were the best way of measuring IQ
As for the test you posted I got 122. I scored 130 for both memory and spatial but those anagrams messed up my verbal score, I’ve always hated anagrams.

Anonymous 79027


i could actually be a genius if i read a single book wow

Anonymous 79045


Holy fucking shit I want to kill myself holy fuck
I always told myself I was didn't have friends or a bf because I was too smart like one of those misunderstood geniuses
But I'm actually a fucking midwit
Not only that, but an ugly midwit too
Holy fuck I want to die fuck

Anonymous 79046

Calm down fam.

Anonymous 79050

You don't get it
This was all I had
I'm literally mentally retarded
My one positive quality is gone
What reason do I have left to live?
I can't think of a single one

Anonymous 79051


Don't feel bad.
Iq is a pretty bad marker for general intelligence, but it's alright to check your problem solving skills.

There are so many types of "intellicence" that a single score wouldn't be able to properly tell you anything other than how good you are at specific problems.
Don't let some random online text tell you anything about yourself.

Treat it kind of like those personality tests. This is all in good fun and not some serious inditement of you as a person or something.

Anonymous 79053

This test is not reliable. Take an official MAT or WAIS test.

Anonymous 79054


2nd highest in thread thus far?
not buying it, im way dumber than this test thinks
felt like it was missing some stuff anyways
english is more than a few scrambled words for starters

Anonymous 79056

Stop freaking out over an internet IQ test meant to drive boomers on facebook to their website for ad revenues.

Anonymous 79072


if you copy the link and paste it into another tab you get a different result. this is not reliable lol

Anonymous 79076

IQ test.PNG

Did not expect memory to be so high. What is spatial, like math and stuff? Nice test OP

Anonymous 79096

if you want a higher score just take the test multiple times like alot of other people in this thread have

Anonymous 79114

Here you go friends, send this test to people you know and then troll them with "your" score: https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/FSIQ/results.php?data=i09qDNj6lJ5A

Anonymous 79121

idk if anyone would care enough to take the time to do that

anyone who feels like their result invalidates them, just know there's a lot of stuff it didn't test for that you're great at

Anonymous 79132


You're right that's weird. Strangely the first result I got was 124, but then after refreshing the page it changed to 127. It didn't change after that though.

Do the fractions underneath each of the individual IQ scores indicate how many points you got for each task?

Anonymous 79758

Kek. Well spotted. See this anon is clearly the highest IQ here.
Mine went from 118 to 123 which in IQ terms is a huge amount.

Anonymous 79837


this isn't fair

Anonymous 79838

the test isn’t too smart for you, you’re too smart for the test

Anonymous 79865


Your test is stupid, there's no way I'm above 75 iq

Anonymous 79870

2021-04-02 07_31_4…

My memory kind of sucks I guess.

Anonymous 117288

Screenshot 2021-12…

The equal distance exercise really bothered me, because I feel like I didn't really "get it". I always picked 1-2 spots apart by eyeballing, but I feel like there's some math stuff I didn't really "get" which bothers me a lot. I'm really bad at math though.

Anonymous 117293


I honestly don't do well with anagrams. I'm not even ESL so I feel like I should be better at it.

Anonymous 117303


well, I guess I'm not a dum-dum after all
think it's the highest score in the thread thus far! Not very balanced- I do have a pretty intense visual memory so I think that might have thrown it that direction.

Anonymous 117304


Got dunked on verbal IQ because I'm a dirty ESL.
Aren't IQ tests supposed to take into account the time you take to solve a problem ?

Anonymous 117316


certified dumb bitch momento

Anonymous 117322

They are

Anonymous 117324

So a reliable IQ test with a verbal score taken by a board with a good percentage not fluent in English as their mother tongue has them score an average of 123 IQ points.

Anonymous 117325

I got 105 fml. Im a r worded certified. English isnt my first language and i have problems when i want order my thoughts

Anonymous 117333

I took the mensa test and unironically got 85

Anonymous 117398

People still believe in this? kek

Anonymous 117408


I'm sure there's plenty of people who still take it seriously but I've always kind of seen them as just some kind of game. Really, while they are not super accurate at predicting actual intelligence it's kinda fun to see how people react to them. Especially people who used to show it off as a badge lmao.

Anonymous 117410


Well now I know why everyone thinks I'm a fucking autist.

Anonymous 117412

IQ tests were first designed as a way of predicting academic success, and in terms of that they're accurate. The issue is using it beyond that, since the concept of intelligence has always been a difficult one to define and quantify; there's a ton of literature on the topic. I think they're fun and do have some value but the people who obsess over it and make it their whole identity are pretty weird.

Anonymous 117414

probably a lot of ND users and that usually comes with extra IQ

Anonymous 117418



What? Nothing is glowing here at all. Everything is as it should be. Carry on civil- fellow board user.

Anonymous 117433

They're used in clinical settings to define retardation.
There's something wrong with you if you get an IQ test and totally shit the bed, but having a really high IQ isn't that useful IRL.

Anonymous 117441

I feel like the kind of people who do iq tests are already people who are on some level aware they have that kind of intelligence or enjoy tests like this. It’s even brought up in the test itself.

Anonymous 117455

>my potato english fucked up my IQ

Anonymous 117456


Anonymous 117460

Screenshot 2021-12…

i really thought it'd be worse lol

Anonymous 117461


hurr durrr

I can see how non-native english speakers would have trouble during the word scramble and synonym portions.

Anonymous 117518


damned roating shapes

Anonymous 117603

inb4 autism.png

i'm not a native english speaker, but how the fuck do i justify my shitty memory. at least i did good on the spatial test(which i didn't expect). i had fun with the flashing icons and rotation tests.

so, how do i improve my plankton memory? does training work on the long term or am i just fucked

Anonymous 117656

What made you want to take the test?

Anonymous 117774

less sugar more fish
I'm 99% certain you can keep improving it through practice until you're like 50 then practice just slows the decline

Anonymous 118077


fish? true, i must admit that i'm lead deficient. you can make that problem go away by taking a good amount of daily lead. in fact, it will make all your problems go away.

Anonymous 118088


I am a fucking retard apparently.

English is not my native language and I really screwed up in the letter arrangement part, but spatial and memory were not much better… (I also fucked up the thing where you had to find the closest point between different positions on a grid.)
I think the memory part was only decent because I recognised a couple of the symbols (KDE and Gnome logos for some reason, and a couple other software-related ones) which helped me memorise them. ._.

I took an irl IQ test at 6 and was considered a gifted child, but I always felt like they made a mistake back then.

Anonymous 118096

What's "ND"?

Anonymous 118097

nta but it means neurodivergent

Anonymous 118100

The only real reliable IQ test is the one a licensed psychiatrist gives you. It's impossible to conduct one online, they need to be done in person.

Anonymous 118102

Wow looks like literally everyone on the internet is a genus

Anonymous 118132

>It's impossible to conduct one online, they need to be done in person.
But why? As long as the test itself is valid (hard to find online ik) and your test taking is ethical without any cheating, why? Why are people so dependant on (((professionals)))

Anonymous 118459


This was fun. Scored slightly lower than on an actual battery I received from a psychiatrist a few years back.

Anonymous 119282

i'm afraid to take this, i dont want to be a dumb

Anonymous 119295


Retard gang

Anonymous 119301


Anonymous 119306

please tell me your caregiver monitors your internet use.

Anonymous 119348

Not her, but my assigned guardian knows I go on here and browses it too to see what I post

Anonymous 119351


been going to doctors for my memory since puberty
and fuck the green dots

Anonymous 119352

may i ask why?

Anonymous 119353


this is going to be bad for my ego

Anonymous 119354

wowee im so smart …

I refuse to believe any IQ test that gives me a score above 120. I will say this one at least feels more legit than other IQ tests that go around.

Anonymous 119368

How does she know which posts are yours?

Anonymous 119431


Pasting the link in the new tab actually turned the result into 127. I kinda think the score for verbal would be like 10-20 points higher because I am very much not a native speaker and don't have anybody to practice with…

Anonymous 119462

pretty high score still. i did bad on the blue squares

Anonymous 119463

Mostly they just does it for fun and just to see if they can, since they say I type distinctivly/weirdly and about stories I tell.
They like to ask me questions about it or make jokes about things that they think are mine

Anonymous 119504


retard confirmed teehee

Anonymous 119690

Jackoff trades.png

why am i so painfully average lmao

Anonymous 119712


how do you do my fellow retard

Anonymous 119726

Bildschirmfoto 202…

this is pretty much the exact one i got when i took one with a psychiatrist as a teenager, which is weird cause i'm 100% sure i've gotten significantly dumber since then. so i fully expected to get a way lower score.. but its nice i guess

Anonymous 119727

and another thing that is weird is that my verbal IQ was usually always the highest one. maybe its because english isnt my first language but generally i am fluent so i dunno.

Anonymous 119963


Did this again, improved a bit.

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