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Anonymous 78906

im tired of being a neet. its so hard to be useful or productive. i cant begin classes until fall and even then they will have to be online until i can transfer credits. im too scared for a wagie job because of my anxiety and the long hours and shit pay. i just want to feel useful and even my hobbies are getting tiring sometimes. i know it will feel better when i do online classes but this feels awful. i wish i was normal. ive been going on more walks and started new meds which is nice but i wish i had friends and a life. i feel so fucked in life

Anonymous 78909

i didnt even know they existed! thank you anon im going to look into them tomorrow. i think it will be good to keep me productive and help for when i begin my actual classes. it will be a good start.

Anonymous 78910

You can't avoid a wagie job forever.

Anonymous 78913

i just dont want to have to work in the real world any longer until i finish college/schooling for a career i like. i know this may not happen though, i may have to return to waging for a bit, but right now im not in a position where i need to that badly so im trying to still be productive. but i know anon, im still keeping my eye on jobs and stuff incase :(

Anonymous 78952

I never want to have to work full time my autism made me break after one week of 8 hour days moving out to consoom separately is overrated why can't we just be like europeans work part-time and live with family forever

Anonymous 78959

Anon that's not the norm in Europe at all. If you work part-time you're not considered to have a real job and people will think you're a lazy child who wants to leave everything to your parents. Idk where you got the idea from.

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