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Anonymous 79163

what websites do you browse outside of large conglomerates like twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, etc. i'd like to find cute little forums ala old internet but it's difficult – genuinely feels like everything is on private discord servers these days.

Anonymous 79164


Anonymous 79172

Mainly Kiwi Farms and lolcow.farm.

Anonymous 79198


Anonymous 79227

Same, KF still has an old forum feel a bit if you settle into one of the more niche cow threads.

Anonymous 79242

I just found this search engine called wiby.me that only gives you obscure pages as results. It's pretty fun to waste some time on. Through my time fucking around on Google I've also found that a lot of old-style forums are still active, but a lot of them are based around specific hobbies and it can be hard to find them.

Anonymous 79243

Eh. Here. Lolcow. Christian forums (don’t judge me). Sometimes lainchan but not so much anymore it moves too slow and they’re a bunch of LARPers. KF is mostly gross to me but I’m not sure why since I lurk on lolcow. Maybe it’s the moids idk.
At this point I’m trying to quit using the internet so much lol

Anonymous 80264

new Voihon never

Anonymous 80271

Has anyone here ever used the site ExperienceProject before it became defunct? I found it was a small niche forum website where you could get to vent and just talk about your problems with other people. As someone who suffers with mental illness, that site meant a lot to me.

Anonymous 80306


There's quite a few imageboards out there though most of them are pretty dead like late.city and comfy.chat. They're interconnected so once you find one there's a dozen more under /friends/ etc.

As a teen I used forumieren.com to find and make forums. There's probably still forums floating around if you want something you can have a profile on. Try to find something for an interest/hobby you have.

Sidenote, has anyone here ever been on Livewire? I used it around the tailend of the site, 2012 or 2013 but it was a lot of fun.

Anonymous 80607

Saya in the Underworld, she translates a lot of Japanese horror stories. Hasn't updated the site in about a month, but there are a lot of fun entries to read through.

Anonymous 81690

the s4s board on 4chan is pretty decent
very slow board and long running tight community
has had plenty of known femanons that barely got harrassed

Anonymous 81695

Oh hey I love her site too. My favorite ones were always the cryptic stories

Anonymous 81728


>the s4s is pretty decent

Anonymous 81740

"Decent" means something completely different to an [s4s]-fag.

Anonymous 81745

wooww this website is dope thank you O_o

Anonymous 81750

it used to be good, its not as good anymore though. i miss the old s4s

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