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Thongs suck Anonymous 79211

How do I cope with this shit being up my butt all day. My boyfriend likes them but I feel like I'm back in middle school being wedgied.

Would it be shitty to tell him I'll only wear them if he wears thongs too? Could be funny

Anonymous 79212

I think its hot if a girl poses in a thong. Its somehow even better than if she was naked.

Anonymous 79223

I've never understood this but from my research it seems that women with no bum often get wedgies and so they might as well wear a thong because there is less to get wedged in? Something like that.

Anonymous 79234

girl, giving your bf an erection is not worth yourself a UTI or a yeast infection

Anonymous 79235

*giving yourself

Anonymous 79236

I don't get why you have to wear them all day just because he likes them. Even if you want to appeal to them you could just put them on occasionally when you know you're gonna have sex. You wouldn't wear full lingerie every day just because he "liked it" right?

Anonymous 79239

download (7).jpeg

Lace is much sexier. Even cute 'clean' panties are sexier than thongs. They look filthy, they literally rub against your butthole and it looks like something a literal whore would wear. Pic related is max sex appeal and would look great with pantyhose or those long ass socks or whatever that >>79229 mentioned.

Anonymous 79248

Sometimes I'm a bit disappointed with how commonly there is weird puritanical sperging on here. I used to wear thongs, now I don't anymore, but some of the posts ITT made me laugh.

>LITERAL WHORES wear thongs!!!11

Anyway granny panties are the comfiest solution. I'm not gonna buy a bunch of lace panties and ruin them in the washing machine over time so they're only for special occasions. On an everyday basis I just wear H&M cotton panties from the bulk pack.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79249

Moved to >>>/hb/10665.

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