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Anonymous 79537

How do I turn myself into a lesbian. I hate moids so much

Anonymous 79538

Just be bi. Its better than anything.

Anonymous 79541

Honestly. You can’t. I’ve tried. I couldn’t get past kissing. Like if you’re not down, you’re just not down.

Anonymous 79548

Also dicks, man ass, their nipples, jaws, collarbones and abs are really good looking. My attraction also just gravitates to those things.

Anonymous 79552

Hypnosis. They have videos and audio files that will convince your subconscious that you're only attracted to women. It's a process that takes at least a year, but it works. Think of it as retraining your brain with orgasms.

Anonymous 79554

Funniest thread in weeks.

Anonymous 79555

Some way moids turn gay, just start associating your orgasms with women slowly over time.

Anonymous 79556

sis… i don’t think it works that way. but your bond with women doesn’t need to be sexual. find urself a bestie with similar views and just be life partners

Anonymous 79558

I understand the urge to want to be a lesbian so you can have sexual intimacy with women and not get anything from men but you can't force yourself lol. Just stick to 2D men like the rest of us.

Anonymous 79563

Gotta relate to this. I actually sincerely can't imagine what it's like to not find sexy people sexy, whatever sex they are.

I'm straight up almost in tears laughing imagining >>79541 desperately trying to force herself lesbian (actually this reminds me an anecdote about a Russian poet I really like, where she invites another woman around for tea and is clearly trying to seduce her but the other woman is just IDGI). And at the same time that post is so confusing to me: how do you not just find a hot girl hot? Women can be so unbelievably sexy, how can you not get worked up about another woman? Now it's me saying IDGI but I'm sure glad I'm wired like I am, would hate to miss out.

Anonymous 79818

No one needs to date anyone you could just live life without a man and you'd be safer that most other people by just not being around any lmao

Anonymous 79826

what happened to all the old users? I've noticed the twitter lingo on lolcow too. the yaaaaaas queen type of posters

Anonymous 79827

Think you got the wrong thread anon

Anonymous 79854

The recent raid probably brought in the new users

Anonymous 79880

Step 1: become so lonely and starved for intimacy that you can convince yourself you are,
Step 2: Let the nice gay girl in class talk you into a date
Step 3: convince yourself that the sensation of being being given attention and intimacy is romantic
Step 4: Ignore the lack of sexual attraction you feel
Step 5: Put off sexual intimacy until she's so upset that she talks about just ending it, leaving you alone again
Step 6: Wait until you find yourself kissing and being fingered to realise you have to close your eyes and imagine she's a man just to go along with it
Step 7: Freak out and deeply hurt her feelings as you loudly proclaim your disgust in a poorly worded, panicked rejection
Step 8: Remain alone because men can never compete with the equal, sensual, loving intimacy she gave you

Anonymous 79883

Everything you said seems really morbid from isolating yourself to closing your eyes and imagining her as a man.

Anonymous 79889

oh whoops lol my bad

Anonymous 80100

Rather than becoming a lesbian just date a moid for while until you realize all they care about is sex and embrace becoming a hermit. No reason to force yourself to be something you aren't.

Anonymous 80101


Just get an anime husband like the rest of us.

Anonymous 80106

Now I'M concerned about bihets and I'm febfem myself.
Everyone in this scenario loses.

Anonymous 80109

I’ve heard stories of birth control changing women’s sexuality. If you don’t want to experiment that far then just be alone and get a husbando like the rest of us or try to find a female friend to spend life with.

Anonymous 80144

If you succeeded at this you could probably set up the opposite of conversion therapy camps and make mad $$$.

Anonymous 81394

You don't, sadly. I'll never be in a relationship because of this

Anonymous 81412

How do I turn myself straight? Being a lesbian fucking sucks

Anonymous 81413

Why would you want to be straight? Moids are disgusting

Anonymous 81415

Being gay is a life of loneliness and pain. Liking men would give me 100 times the dating pool, surely someone in that pool would be nice to be around.

Anonymous 81422

I'm bi and i'm still single after all these years. 0+0 is still 0.

Anonymous 81433


Watch lots and lots and lots of hentai. Anime girls can turn any straight girl at least bi.

Anonymous 81436

2D != 3D

Anonymous 81459


cartoons that are drawn sexy wouldn't make me go after 3dpd

Anonymous 81460

I love the original Addams family comics.

Anonymous 81495


Get a bi or lesbian friend who's a pillow princess and work it

Anonymous 81496

It's probably the smell of hormones that turn you off

Anonymous 81501


Try dating me, I'll turn you off of women forever
t. two of my male exes now exclusively date men

Anonymous 81514

Is the key to knowing your sexuality to sniff peoples crotches

Anonymous 84202

Do you like seeing guys kiss each other?
Just imagine yourself in their shoes.

Anonymous 84250

>female sexuality is flexible and not rigid like men's
>use the word "prison gay"
You know that word is almost exclusively used for moids lmao. Moids are the more degenerate sex, they can condition themselves to get off to nearly anything

Anonymous 84257

>moid doesn't know what the clitoris is
Enjoy getting your ass pounded in prison (I know you will)

Anonymous 84262

What is the retarded take I see before me

Anonymous 86010

I'm straight, and I don't hate men, but I hate heterosexual relationship dynamics, and I'd prefer to be single forever.

Anonymous 111564


Anonymous 111565

Which Russian poet?

Anonymous 111583


updated in advance

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