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Drag Queen Anonymous 79786

What do you think about drag queens? I've seen some terfs shittalking about them so I think it deserves its own thread

Anonymous 79791

I think they're charismatic and funny but terfs are right about the fact that it parodises femininity and it's not a good thing. I don't really care tho, because I enjoy drag racing shows.

Anonymous 79793

It's ugly. It could only come out of America as a TV show with it's ugly art that reflects the ugliness of their people.

Anonymous 79795

I hate them but I don't have any developed reason around it, I just find it annoying and vulgar in an unfunny way.

Anonymous 79801

I don't understand why they can't just be dandies and exaggerate that sort of male culture. Purposely making their bodies look like women and having a woman persona is creepy. Before drag was super popular it still wasn't great but it wasn't such a big deal as lots of bad taste performers exist but now it's everywhere and even real women do their make-up like them.

Anonymous 79802

So I'm Korean and I have a grandmother who immigrated with my grandfather to the United States.
One time when I was visiting them, they sat me down and told me this story of how, when they were first foreginers here, they were walking around NYC and seeing the sights. The day turned into evening, and while they're walking back to their hotel, on the way there they passed by a drag queen club.
Some of the performers were walking out, asking people to enter into their club.
This one dude, a big hulking muscular man who was like 6'7", wearing a feather boa and TONS of makeup, walks up to my Korean grandmother and smiles at her saying "Hello sweetie."
And my grandmother, being the small frail woman that she is, shook in horror and then screamed out to my grandfather!
"Yeobo, come save me!!!"
It is a story that still cracks me up and I remember it to this day.

Anonymous 79803

I agree with other anon on it being unfunny and vulgar.

What I don't understand is… Why can't it just be about dressing up without all the sex jokes and shit? I find their makeup application methods fascinating, and the lip syncs are very fun. But everything else is so gross… They talk about cunts and dicks and grope the male servants and ugh.

Please just wear pretty clothes and be stylish. You don't have to be outlandish to be interesting. Men wearing women's clothing is interesting enough on its own

Anonymous 79806

I don't really see the problem. If there's nothing wrong with women taking masculine roles and clothing choices, why would there be anything wrong with men taking feminine roles and clothing choices? It's not like they're trooning out.

Anonymous 79807

They aren't playing a role in a play though, they are making up an exaggerated version.

Anonymous 79814

Role as in "social role" not "role in a play" (though really, what's the difference?) and how is it exaggerated? I've met plenty of gals who dress like that, and gals who wear that much make up, and there used to be gals who did their hair like that. Are they the "average woman"? No, but then again, if you're going to put on an "act" why would you be "average"? That tends to be boring, they're not going "stealth" like a troon.

Anonymous 79815

I foresee some blackface comparisons later in this thread.

Anonymous 79816

But honestly, who cares? It’s for comedic purposes and most women seem to enjoy it anyways.

Anonymous 79820

Womanface lol anyway drag is cringe and influences current makeup trends and I'm not for anything that makes women feel the need to use even more

Anonymous 79823

I'm honestly on the fence regarding whether or not "womanface" is a good term to use. I don't use it in gender discussions at the very least but I still find it at least a somewhat apt comparison.

Regarding drag as a whole, I don't really care. Drag kings exist too and have existed for about as long and while of course the dynamic will be different I don't mind them either.

Regarding RuPaul, he's cringe, and his show is pretty cringe too, especially now as they are clearly straining to find new talent that reaches the heights of contestants from previous seasons. I only care about Trixie and Katya lol.

Anonymous 79841

I think they're fun and I do find raunchy/camp humour entertaining in a mind-numbing way, though I never use it myself. They really are just gay clowns so I don't take it too seriously.
In general any misogyny gay men have towards us (which does exist, obviously) is more serious by tenfold in straight men, so that's what concerns me.

I've also never felt pressured to wear heavy (or any) makeup because of them. We all have individual responsibility to establish our own tastes and be solid within ourselves, not rely on some dude in facepaint.
I know not immune to propaganda etc, etc. but it's not like we can make drag illegal. More realistic to promote self love and determination in women.

I'm no radfem though. Cautious enough to be febfem but not deep into theory.

Anonymous 79850

i once saw a post on tumblr saying it's not up to men to make fun of the cage that they put the women in

Anonymous 79866

Most drag queens parody women. It is misogynistic.
However, there are some artists out there that the general population call drag queens when in reality they’re not really parodying women or men.
Like ishehungry on Instagram. Like they say he’s a drag performer but naw. He’s just a beautiful alien cause he definitely ain’t a woman or a man lol

Anonymous 79874

Men taking the piss at women. They are the modern heirs of an old sexist culture of men crossdressing and performing femininity in a humorous way because it's totally funny for a man to "degrade" himself and act like one of the silly girlies. Of course complete with all the oversexualization, cattiness and other similar stereotypes.
Personally I don't like it, but people are free to do whatever they want. However, I don't accept it being pushed as "progressive" or child-friendly.

Anonymous 79980


Anonymous 79985

ur file corrupted queen

Anonymous 80029

It works fine for me

Anonymous 80036


I don’t really care about them, but I think their fans are annoying as fuck. Every girl who I’ve met who likes RuPaul refuses to shut up about it. I had a roommate who was a RuPaul fan. She would constantly use drag lingo I had never heard, and then get mad when I didn’t know what she was talking about.

Anonymous 80074

Anonymous 90266

Late but were you on mobile or computer?

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