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Anonymous 79831

Would you guys do something like this on onlyfans? I assume you could just edit the shit out of yourself and become unrecognizable which eliminates risk, so why not?

Anonymous 79832


hi nonnies has anyone dropshipped before? im considering it…

Anonymous 79833


1. I'm not attractive.
2. I don't have any following so I'd be going in with nothing, and the average account on OF only makes ~$100 a month.
3. Moids are insane and will do everything they can to find out who you are.

Anonymous 79834

I don't want moids to be attracted to me.

Anonymous 79840


Women are not commodities gtfo onlyfans mlm recrooter

Anonymous 79843

Still whoring out your body. I feel like technology has desensitized people too much.

Anonymous 79851

Most women don’t make enough to make it worth it. It’s easier to have a regular job than to deal with the harassment. Also, I don’t want men to look at me. Moids are disgusting.

Anonymous 79855

Seems hard to stand out when thousands of other girls are all doing or wearing the same lewd outfits. Unless you're doing backflips while nude, I think it all sounds not worth paying for, but it seems it doesn't take much to entertain scrotes. What pathetic creatures they are. But like others here, I wouldn't start one anyway since I'd be making moids happy and in their spank banks for forever. Sooo I'll pass.

Anonymous 79859

I agree with whoring out but for yourself not for corporations.

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