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curiosity Anonymous 80516

is there any male imageboard? ı'm just curious

Anonymous 80517

men dont use the internet

Anonymous 80521

Cute, I'm turk too but not by choice. Please send help

Anonymous 80522

Wizchan. They don't want women over there.

Anonymous 80523

ah selam

Anonymous 80692

Hey, selam!

Anonymous 80697

no men are too retarded to use computers

Anonymous 80701

Selam is males spelled backwards

Anonymous 88383

theer was trchan.org but it got nuked https://tahta.se/b/index.html
this exists it's not male specific however but no one in their right mind would go there, tabi seni türko var sayıyorum

Anonymous 88396


Anonymous 88409

>'retard' is a slur
By that logic so is 'moron'. Grow up.

Anonymous 90226

Tonhochan has a "don't ask, don't suggest" policy.

7chan is literally "foul bachelor frog".

Anonymous 90232



Anonymous 90233

If you say you saw it so. I've mostly just examined the rules and found them too repressive for participating often and they seemed extremely concerned about female-exposure shock or something of such a sort.

Anonymous 90258

Rules like that are so funny to me. It's like having a rule to keep your lights off so bugs don't swarm you. The fault is on the bugs, but the bugs have no higher consciousness so they can't control themselves.

Anonymous 90261

I think this is a reasonable approach. Despite seeming a bit comical, what >>90258 said is how moids act in imageboards. I am convinced a lot of the users there are females, anyway.

Anonymous 90263

As much as I would like to laugh with you, the same rules apply here unwritten. You can say moids glow in the dark, but by definition it is impossible to know the moids and troons who post here without drawing attention to it.

Anonymous 90379

Not really, it just doesn't compare to the bizarre totality of the laundry list of rules at that place. It's like, the moderation engine there is really, really protective of its flock, to put it nicely.

Anonymous 90455

The fact that we need a safespace with rules and moderation doesn't make us weak? I'd like to argue with them.

Anonymous 90523


Anonymous 90541

Absolutely, this one.

Anonymous 90696

That's tahta.se for ya, everybody is talking about how incel they are or how they still live in their parents' house.

Anonymous 90849

what exactly has happened to trchan?
are you a female by birth, and not choice?

Anonymous 90852

Basically all of them

Anonymous 92152


>Türk kızlar imageboardleri gidiyorler

Anonymous 92154

There is karabo.ga

Anonymous 97471

…and the last horse finally crosses the finish line

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