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Anonymous 80632

im stuck in the middle of nowhere please can someone please teach me where can i make friends irl (nc) im going crazy its so boring here

Anonymous 80635

Hobby groups maybe?

Anonymous 80643

everyone here is so old though like idk

Anonymous 80652

north carolina?

Anonymous 80790

Anonymous 81550

im also nc lmao let me teach you to knit

Anonymous 81570

i hate how this is like some sort of default answer to lonely people.
i already suck at finding people and now i'm just supposed to find groups of people. fucking where? how? through what means? i don't even use social media and then i finally break down and i try to get on social media and you can't do anything on social media unless you already have irl friends you're connecting with on social media so it's just me sitting there on social media not socializing on the internet nor irl fucking amazing i love it this is the best i am so glad this option exists

Anonymous 81571


there is this thing called technology. whre if you live in a 1st world country its literally impossible to be lonely unless you really do not vibe with anyone ever you meet.

Anonymous 82197

Shlock_Banner (1).…

i do not have the answers because i am not
but bulletin boards can have events on them, or jobs because people have jobs and you are also people

good luck <3

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