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who here /separatist/ Anonymous 80651

i’m wondering, mostly with relationships but it can be cutting men out of your life in any aspect. some would call it political lesbianism but i think there is a difference since you don’t have to date another woman unless you’re attracted to them, you just wouldn’t date a male.

Anonymous 80653

Wouldn't that get lonely?

Anonymous 80654

I expected a thread about Catalonia and I'm a little bit disappointed.

Anonymous 80656

i'm in the same boat, i'm extremely scared of men and have considered it.
i can't stop thinking about the possibility of the men around me being sadistic degenerates

Anonymous 80658

Choosing to be single for extended periods to focus on yourself, career, mental health, friendships, family or hobbies are very valid choices. Any moid worth caring about will want your attention and that takes time and energy, not to mention the time it takes to even find them in the first place. It sounds like you're objecting on a moral basis though, which if you're attracted to them seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face. If you're not attracted I assume you wouldn't even be asking.

Anonymous 80660

Very mildly.

I support other women who want to separate but personally I don't feel like separating from my boyfriend just because he's a man and he "might" become abusive or he "might" be damaging me emotionally somehow. That's a risk you take with anyone you meet, male or female. Sure the risk is increased significantly with men but it feels like more effort to intentionally avoid men day-to-day than just cutting off the ones I don't like.

My own personal gripe is that celibate/lesbian separatists are extraordinarily annoying about women who don't separate lol. One minute they'll acquiesce that it isn't for everyone, the next they explain that means that it's the only way for women to be free and happy and if you don't do it you're a cock worshiping handmaiden.

Anonymous 80661

it is fairly extreme so i don’t expect most people to do it but i’m curious to see who else does. i’m not a true female separatist in terms of male family and close friends but i don’t really want to form any more relationships and i’d definitely never date a moid

i’m bi so i’m attracted to both but my attraction to males is purely physical at this point, i can’t see myself in a relationship or starting a family with one. i don’t care much about sex so it’s not much of a problem for me

if you’re het it could be pretty hard.

Anonymous 80665

are you me anon lmao? i'm in the same position where i don't really like the term "political lesbianism" because i'm not sexually attracted to women but i find that feminist separatism is too extreme to be viable. as much as i hate to say it we do need men and benefit from (or depend on) them/their power in some regards so i think it would be naive to seperate from them completely. that being said, i still relate to the terms and i've played with the idea of voluntary celibacy for lack of a less incel-sounding expression. i do feel like it will get lonely and sexually frustrating though… and it seems rather ironic for a woman to inflict pain and loneliness on herself for feministic purposes. to be fair though, i've never truly fallen in love with a man. i am attracted to them in theory, but imagining myself in a relationship with any man i've met irl makes my stomach churn to the point where i used to think i was comphet. so maybe i won't be missing out on so much after all.

anyway, i find that regardless of whether it can achieve something or not, it's interesting that women even think about those labels and identify with them. it's a statement about the female condition in and of itself, and i think these labels are valuable even if simply theoretical.

Anonymous 80668

I'm febfem but not separatist.
I desire women more anyway, but basically I have no interest in meeting the expectations of the average man in a hetero relationship. I dislike the dynamic that is demanded of me and am much happier when I am not being forced to act out a character in a relationship.
This goes for women too, but is more prevalent with men since there are established roles in hetero relationships that don't exist so rigidly in gay ones.
I just want to be myself and be loved for it, not have someone project their desires onto me. Also I may just genuinely be a full gay because I do run away if men reciprocate my feels. Doesn't matter, functionally.

But ime men are pretty good pals. I've never encountered an issue with male friends; they see me as a multifaceted person just fine.

Anonymous 80669

>Sounds like mental illness.
Really? I've read about men wanting to harm all the women they see irl

Anonymous 80670

Exactly obviously full separatism would be super difficult to pull off but why the hostility towards the thought of women not wanting to be around men for their safety

Anonymous 80672

Wouldn't be surprised if that's a moid you're replying to. It's beyond me how any woman would find the idea far-fetched

Anonymous 80673

Anonymous 80676

>female separatism
>pickme: and I took that personally

Anonymous 80677

I was always that naturally. Never lived with male family members and never had male friends since we didn’t get along. I have some male-dominated interests but I don’t participate in any community. I’ve always felt repulsed by romantic relationships and I suspect that’s either due to being lesbian or asexual so the romantic part isn’t a problem for me.

Anonymous 80678

That's not the mental illness part. The mental illness part isn't "men can be violent and men could want to hurt me". This is a plain fact, this is a real fact, this is a necessary fact. Being unable to, and I quote
>stop thinking about the possibility of the men around me being sadistic degenerates
Is textbook androphobia (no, not as in "homophobia" as in having a literal mental illness). If you are unable to stop having thoughts that are undesirable to you, you literally have a mental illness.

Moids being smelly and violent is a fact, the majority of violent offenders being moids is also a fact, but if you are starting to assume everyone from the disgusting groveling types to feeble old men all want you harmed and dead, you have a mental illness.


I understand why she thinks like this the same way I understand why someone with arachnophobia has arachnophobia, understanding the thought process does not mean it is not mental illness.

Retards in this thread probably think I mean "delusional" when I say "mental illness". That's not what I am saying, I am saying if you have unbearable anxiety whenever you close to any man whatsoever you have a mental illness, and it's up to you if you want that mental illness to control you, or, take control of your mental health.

You can go full seperatist. If you don't want to fuck men and you don't want to talk to men and you never want to see another man, go ahead, but if the reason you are doing so is being unable to, and again I quote
>i can't stop thinking about the possibility of the men around me being sadistic degenerates
Then are letting a mental illness control you, just like moids let theirs control them.

Anonymous 80681

1938toloto01 (1).j…


Anonymous 80682

The only people I hang out with are men. I would have basically zero social contacts, if I did that.

Anonymous 80683

You're a stronger woman than I am every man I've met has eventually started letting their misogyny show and I can't take it, why is it so hard for them to not call women bitches and not watch porn I don't think that's asking for much

Anonymous 80690

I wonder if he was gay because of it. Obvious he wouldn't have acted on it but he must have had thoughts and feelings he couldn't control.

Anonymous 80694

>Dumb smelly moids
I think that's her point. You can't force anon to have male friends because "at least they aren't raping you!" lmao.

Anonymous 80698

>Do you prefer the guys that just stab women to death? Dumb smelly moids have to cope somehow
I mean no that's exactly the point and the thing that disgusts us so much about men. I could never surround myself with men knowing that they're doing us a "favor" by channeling their violent tendencies through misogyny and degeneracy.

Anonymous 80706

What a stupid fucking take give men porn or they'll rape and kill?? They already fucking do that and porn makes it worse haven't you seen teen moids attacking girls in their own family because they wanted to emulate what they saw in porn?

Anonymous 80720

>The only thing I find more disgusting than a violent smelly murderous moid is a harmless one.
genuine question, why? i get that a lot of men hide their true nature but if he’s actually harmless i’d rather that than someone who might kill me

Anonymous 80723

>The only thing I find more disgusting than a violent smelly murderous moid is a harmless one.
You could've just said you're an edgy cunt and spared us the monologue you fucking degen

Anonymous 80735

>genuine question, why?
First, let's clarify, there's a difference between a harmless moid (incapable of harming anything) and a peaceful moid (capable of harming things but actively choosing not to). Both are not violent moids, but one is actually capable of the violence and actively choosing not to. The tier list goes peaceful moid > violent moid > harmless moid.

Violent moids are at least direct and honest with their desires if completely morally wrong in how they go about the matter. It's similar to how I view a feral dog, it's just a stupid animal reacting to it's surroundings like a stupid animal does.

A harmless moid is disgusting because he harbors desires of power and violence, but can't actually act on it. This manifests as all sorts of disgusting behaviors. He won't take care of himself because there's no reason to. He'll probably drag you down to his level, encouraging you to laze around and get fat. He'll be either petty as fuck and passive-aggressive, or so childish and clingy he'll make you feel like his second mother. Constantly needing you to bandage up his ego that he can't fucking manifest properly.

It's true, a peaceful moid could kill you at any moment(why would you want a man weaker than you?), the entire point is that he won't though. Something more important to him than the innate violence and sexual energy exists, something he wants to bring into the world. Call it honor, call it purpose, call it meaning, whatever, something more important than himself exists. Most importantly though, he can and will be violent if this gets tread across. He won't cower and hide during a home invasion, he will do his absolute best to kill that fucker, or at the very least protect what is his with his life.

Not all men are like this, fuck, most men aren't like this, but the ideal one is, and I like that ideal.

Of course this mostly applies in the romantic sense, but I think even the most hardened lesbian on this board prefers to work with and encounter a moid that's full of himself over a sniveling incel whose sad mommy doesn't love him.

I wish you the best in improving your mental health.

Anonymous 80737

Demonstrably untrue and I hate you for being presumably an adult and still believing this.

Every study ever performed on the mental affects of pornography shows it leads to an increased likelihood of committing sexual violence in moids.

Anonymous 80740

So your argument is just porn good I hate you too btw

Anonymous 80763

actual retard in the wild

Anonymous 80767

Why would he be gay just because he'd never seen a woman?

Anonymous 80772

Violent rape/murder has gone down as porn became more freely available. It’s fine to say you don’t want to date a coomer, but the moids who otherwise would have been rapists and murderers are now on xanax watching porn all day in their childhood homes. I’d rather they silently exclude themselves from society than have to deal with them irl.

Anonymous 80774

>Violent rape/murder has gone down as porn became more freely available
Citation needed. Are you referring to the 80s studies on porn mag bans, which have jackshit to do with the current iteration of online porn? Every study I've seen that's been done on online porn consumers shows the opposite. Numerous moids become rapists BECAUSE of its degenerate nature desensitizing them to violent behavior at best and encouraging it at worst.

Anonymous 80776

Not her but maybe like a "prison gay" thing.

Anonymous 80777

NTA but he literally never saw a woman, his entire experience of life + other humans was moids. Is it possible for him to develop heterosexual attraction in that environment? IDK, maybe, but I'm also curious.

Anonymous 85719

I think I might be but it wasn't a conscious decision, I just don't really care about them. Also I'm not attracted to men so it's easy.

Anonymous 85720

Trauma leads to mental illness, who would have guessed.

Anonymous 86048

ive been thinking of cutting all the men from my life. i play a lot of video games and im a very social person. ive talked to a lot of guys, experienced all sorts of flavors and sometimes- it feels like none of them are real individuals. its all the same and ive experienced the kindest and the grossest, most yuckiest- horror story type of men. ive been thinking about it for a long time. im not that fond of them.they are annoying moids who get on my nerves more than often than I laugh with them. they get offended by the jokes i make, but make offensive jokes. i go weeks on end without msging my male friends and its super easy. i am thinking of cutting off all of them because none of the men in my life offer me anything- no fun, no happiness. and if you are in the same boat- i hope someday u join me. playing with other girls is 100x more fun than with guys anyways.

Anonymous 87715

I feel the same. Im starting with baby steps. I've renamed all their contact information under "scrotoid" except my dad who has remained "dad". I have no idea who is messaging me half the time. It's easier if you dehumanised them first like that. I've already started picking them off one by one actually

Anonymous 87716

Samefag, but I should clarify "picking them off one by one" means I'm blocking them or otherwise cutting them out. I'm not murdering or eating any of them

Anonymous 87718

Anonymous 88136

Separatist for more than a year now, best decision I've ever made. Being fully separatist for me means severing emotional ties to all males in your life, which I've managed to do to a certain extent (cut off all male friends, acquantainces). I don't extend emotional labour or empathy to any man anymore, and limit my interactions to my male coworkers. Going to cut off my stepdad and brother once I've gotten what I want out of them (mom's inheritance and legal issues). I find myself de-female socialising way more easier and stopped being a doormat like most women are. I thrive spending time alone, investing in myself and centering my female friends in my life. Whoever says they can't live without a penoid is coping lol.

Anonymous 88150

Obviously it's possible just not everyone wants it lol

Anonymous 89130

i want to commit to this life fully, male idols are holding me back.

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