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autistische katze.…

Anonymous 81154

Does sometimes looking ugly and sometimes looking pretty on photos mean you are average looking? In the mirror I tend to look best. On photos that show my profile the worst.

Anonymous 81167

i think it's pretty much the same for everyone. i have some photos that i look hot but they are usually ugly. depends on the angle + light

Anonymous 81170

Almost nobody is good looking in every single photo, and you're your own biggest critic so probably look better than you think you do a lot of the time also.

Anonymous 81172

It is the same for everyone, everyone thinks they look better in the mirror than in photos. The reason is that our faces are not perfectly symmetrical. So, for example, if your nose is 2mm to the right of where it should be, it looks natural to you in the mirror because you've gotten used to it. But when you take a photo, you see it 4mm to the left of what your expected position is. So you think you look hideous, but to others your nose is just off by 2mm so you look fine to them.
This happens all the time to me, I have a weird jaw offset to the right. In the mirror it looks fine but in a photo it looks really really weird.

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