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Anonymous 81557

If a girl has gone 23 years without ever being approached in public by a man for flirting or dating, is that woman ugly?

Anonymous 81558

If you are not fat, yes.

Anonymous 81559

I am chubby, hmm, so it’s normal for normal looking attractive female to be approached by men in public for flirting and or dating?

Anonymous 81560


Being overweight is universally unattractive to men and you'll be quite invisible. Lose weight and see what happens.

Anonymous 81561

It can be because you are too serious and don't go out enough or something.

Anonymous 81562

I lost 55 lbs, I went on 3 dates with 2 different men off dating apps
But still no men approach me in public ever, they do often stare at me sometimes.
I want a relationship but no sex

Anonymous 81564

I used to be very fat and I’m chubby now and have a waistline, my nose is hooked
I’m kinda mediocre looking
I don’t go outside a lot because I have no friends as it’s hard for people to like me

Anonymous 81565

Get a rhinoplasty and remove the bump, just the bump. It will help you a lot. Society is superficial, it be like that.

And lose more weight just have a stronger will to fast and do body weight excersise and stretches.

Anonymous 81566

I don’t eat a lot, I eat like one meal a day if anything sometimes nothing
I don’t smoke either
Only reason I was and still am fat is because no used to emotional eat as a child due to being raped as a kid

Anonymous 81569

even if you are fat, yes.
there are chubby chasers. men are into all sorts of weird shit.
this isn't bad nor permanent. accept what is. accept what you are and accept the way things are. once you come to terms with what currently is happening, you can plan and act to change the future and thus change yourself.
nothing is permanent, but you have to come to terms with the present first.

Anonymous 81573

Are you a man? And why wouldn’t you date a fat girl but have sex with them?
I’m fat and I don’t want sex at all, I just want someone to love me

Anonymous 81592

Why do you people even want men to approach you in public? Isn't that what we've been asking them to stop doing for the last 50 years?

Anonymous 81594

exactly. I've had men approach me under the guise of a legitimate excuse (asking for directions, asking for help understanding a text???) and even then I felt so uncomfortable. I'd feel terrified if they were to approach me for flirting or dating.
don't read into it OP, it doesn't mean you're unattractive and you're certainly not missing out on anything.

Anonymous 81602

>Most sane opinion in this thread.
>You do not want to be approached in public, this is a stupid fantasy.

Anonymous 81621

So when should they approach you? Assuming of course you're hetero and available. Clubs, bars, online etc,etc,? If its creepy and intimidating in public, then should it be done in private or online?

Anonymous 81623

Through mutual interests.
So clubs, sports/music events, hobby forums etc.
and if you're so thirsty maybe you should [spoiler] approach them yourself

Anonymous 81651

What about asking moids out, why are you so beta female? Who cares if you get rejected you can move on onto the next moid anyway. This is what ALPHA as fuck Stacy does.

Anonymous 81653

Learn to measure retard ask them to give full body pics and use objects around their houses to measure.

Tell them to post a cool outfit so you can see all the body on a selfie of them. There are various ways but it's your fault for not being imaginative enough, dumbass.

Anonymous 81656

im 176lbs now, 200lbs at my highest and 167lbs (still overweight) at my lowest. men often approach me and I experience sexual harassment almost every time I leave my house.. ive also been in several relationships before. I honestly dont think all men find fat women unattractive, they often just dont openly admit to being attracted to us.

Anonymous 81681

Doesn't it also depend on where you live? I grew up in an upper-middle class suburb and never got hit on but when I went to a high crime city for college I got harassed 75% of the time I went out by myself.

Anonymous 81682

I think op might have got banned because it was a tranny all along… sus

Keep your eyes peeled miners we got impostors

Anonymous 81683

I think if they were banned their posts would be deleted

Anonymous 81684

Keep in mind the type of men nowadays who would cold-approach. Chances are they're into PUA shit and just want an easy fuck.
So with that considered, there are other possible explanations:
>modest dressing (less chance of easy fuck in their minds)
>you are tall for your region (most women want a taller dude, and they know this)
>lesbian vibes (short hair, masc fashion, masc mannerisms, etc.)
>you live in a culture where this is rare
>you are racially ambiguous (if they read you as a race known as being religious, less chance of an easy fuck)
>you never go to bars/clubs/etc. where it is more acceptable to hit on people
>you look shy
I've also heard women say they get hit on more if they have blonde or funky hair. Men assign "easy" to women based on archetypes.
The only way to override these if you don't wish to change them is to be 9-10/10. Overall, chances are you are just average and not ugly.

I rarely get hit on and have considered it quite a bit since it gives me some weird survivor's guilt. I know I'm average looking, well-dressed, and not fat so I have since narrowed it down to these other things. I fit several of them but consider the racial ambiguity in a white area to be the biggest "issue" for me.

And good luck with your weight loss! It's worth it. Reclaim the body that was taken from you by abuse, anon.

Anonymous 81685

Race isn't just about being easy, I knew a guy who refused to date black women because he thought they were trashy, not because he thought they were harder to fuck (he was also a piece of shit in a lot of other ways)

Anonymous 81694

Oh yeah, that's also true that some men think that way. Women of my race are often assumed to be alcoholic/fucked up so it could be that.
Also I've noticed many white dudes in predominantly white areas don't want to date outside of their race in general. Though it may not necessarily be racist like that guy you knew, likely just attracted to the familiar.

All men aren't like this though and I know dudes who truly love their gfs. The main point is that guys who cold approach in the middle of the day or catcall have bad judgement and would make shitty boyfriends, so disregard their opinion. Best to make male friends and build relationships that way.

Anonymous 81800

no she doesn't lol, she has no need to ask men out and this is one of the better things about being a woman. im never gonna approach a man lol

Anonymous 81813

Yes, but don't whore yourself out trying to get people to ask you out.

Anonymous 85659


reverse-image search only spits out incel wikis and other incel stuff and /biz/. You know it from 4chins

Anonymous 85667

Spray and Pray men are everywhere.

As a Brit, I found them more common when holidaying in the USA (California), it was very shocking how brazen men there were.

These men aren't desirable though. They're trying their luck by playing the numbers, and it's not a reflection on your physical looks at all. They approach women who look amenable.

Anonymous 85939

>If a girl has gone 23 years without ever being approached in public by a man for flirting or dating, is that woman ugly?
No. She's dead, but she is not aware of it.

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