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Online friends Anonymous 81609

Where do I make them? Where/how did you meet yours? I don't really have hobbies besides reading and drawing but I hate showing my art and most people in these circles are very sensitive/SJW. How the fuck do I get friends who just want to talk about whatever? I already tried and gave up in /soc/

Anonymous 81612

I have no friends lol. Do you think I would be posting here if I had friends to talk to?

Anonymous 81613

I know lolcow has a discord server and the atmosphere is pretty similar to what we have here.

Anonymous 81633

That discord is crawling with drama and weird shit ngl

Anonymous 81919

cc is much better than lolcow…much more stable people here well more empathetic…

Anonymous 81958

lolcow discord servers suck. theyre all catty and mean and will make fun of you.

Anonymous 81972

Yeah, I got called a tranny in one even though I was voice verified

Anonymous 82006

Honestly, thinking about it now, I completely lucked out in finding my online friends…
I've met one off /soc/, a couple off Omegle or similar sites, or through them following me on Instgram, lol.
I basically have just been sifting through the shit for literal years and managed to find a bit o' gold. <3
As for actual suggestions I have to offer… Maybe Tumblr? Forums for more specific interests (literally anything — there's something out there for it), I can't think of anything else. Tumblr may be a good idea, though it'd take a while and you'd have to do blogging before meeting many potential bros.

Anonymous 82013

Playing videogames. Mainly MMOs.

Anonymous 82026

it can tell if you’re a tranny by your voice?

Anonymous 82045

There is more to it than voice. Also post timestamp with finger length don't be lazy cmon ffs. You know some trannies can use voice changers or can fake the voice not all only HSTS because they already had a gay moid voice to begin with, the rest cant. Unless you really are hmm…
Provide always more proof to them, there is tons of ways.

Anonymous 82054

Right, I wouldn't mind doing anything like that if they were having doubts or whatever but they said that because I used a smiley face. I understand not wanting scrotes in your server but that was a little ridiculous

Anonymous 93027

just a girlboss.jp…

I've only really had success interacting in servers as I never feel I have much to talk about one-on-one, especially not right upon meeting a new person. It can be difficult finding good friends though. If anyone wants to join a female-only server that's meant for slower, more serious discussion and just supportive friendship/community, please drop by here: MPgcWQvhMJ

Anonymous 102968


Anonymous 103065

homura 2.jpg

If you're looking for friends I run an unofficial discord server for cc users for which has about 40 members now! Everyone is really friendly in there and we do anime and gaming nights amongst other things. If you or anyone else is interested in joining just dm me ivysaurus#4569 for an invite ^^

Anonymous 103082

i want to make online friends but i dont know how. I almost never start convos because i never know what to say. i think im too boring and lame.

Anonymous 103083

play online games or go to streams, that's what i did. i made friends by going to peoples streams back when ustream was the streaming platform of choice. i still talk to those people today. i also played Overwatch religiously when it was new, and i met one friend, who then introduced me to his friends, who invited me to their discord server, and ive been friends with them ever since.

Anonymous 103243

I found all the people I talk to on /soc/. It is really easy, since every female immediately gets thirty Discord adds. You can also try Friend Finder thread here:

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